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What to Bring to Bluesfest? A Guide for the Ultimate Festival Experience

Bluesfest is more than a music festival; it’s a celebration of community, creativity, and, of course, incredible tunes. As you prepare to immerse yourself in this vibrant event, here's your guide to ensuring you're ready for every moment Bluesfest has to offer.

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1. Your Bluesfest E-Ticket

Your golden entry to Bluesfest is your e-ticket. It’s sent by Moshtix about 1-2 weeks before the festival kicks off. Can’t find it in your inbox? Dive into your junk mail – it might be hiding there. Still missing? Log in to your Moshtix account and download it directly. Keep it handy, and don’t forget – no ticket, no festival fun!

2. Your Photo ID

Think of your photo ID as your festival passport. You’ll need it for age and name verification at the gates. If you’re over 18 and planning to enjoy a cold beverage, your valid photo ID is a must-have for purchasing alcohol on-site. Remember, alcohol isn’t allowed in the campgrounds, so keep it in the festival zones only.

3. Cashless Payment Method

Bluesfest is all about embracing the future – and that means going cashless. Ensure you’ve got your card ready to tap at all festival outlets. While there are a few ATMs around for backup, having your card locked and loaded will save you time and hassle.

4. Festival Outfit

Express yourself! Bluesfest is the perfect place to showcase your style. Whether you’ve picked up a unique outfit from the market stalls or created a festival look of your own, we want to see it. Share your selfies and tag us @bluesfestbyronbay with #bluesfestbyronbay. Don’t forget to pack for all weather: sunscreen and hats for the sun, something warm for cooler evenings, and ponchos or gumboots for those occasional showers.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

Stay hydrated and eco-friendly with your reusable water bottle. Free water stations are scattered across the festival grounds, and you can grab filtered refills for just $1 at coffee stalls. Bottled water is also available for purchase if needed. Keep in mind, no glass bottles are allowed!

6. Getting to Bluesfest

Whether you’re flying, driving, or hopping on a bus, make sure your travel plans are set. If driving, pre-purchase your parking pass from our ticketing page and have it displayed on your dashboard for a smooth entry. Carpool or take public transport to help reduce traffic – it’s a win-win!

7. Road Tripping to Byron?

A road trip to Bluesfest is half the adventure! Load up on snacks, plan your route, and get your playlist ready. Check out our official Spotify Bluesfest 2024 playlist to set the mood for your journey.

8. Download the Bluesfest App & Playing Schedule

Maximize your Bluesfest experience with our app. Plan your weekend, catch your favorite acts, and stay informed with important notifications. It’s your digital companion for all things Bluesfest. Download it here!

9. Welcome to Country

Join us for a heartfelt Welcome to Country ceremony in the Crossroads tent at 2:30 pm on Thursday. It’s a moment to honor the Arakwal people of the Bundjalung Nation and celebrate Bluesfest’s return to this sacred land. Raise your hands, raise your voices, and let the welcome resonate.

10. Camping Needs

If you’re camping, pack for comfort. Tents, sleeping mats, and pillows are essential, but also think about weather-proofing your setup. Extra tarps can be a lifesaver if rain makes an appearance. Remember, alcohol isn’t allowed in the campgrounds – keep the party vibes in the festival area!

11. 3-Day Glamping

Looking for a bit of luxury? Our 3-day Glamping option offers the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. Enjoy the festival atmosphere with the added benefits of on-site accommodations and a touch of glamour. It’s the ultimate way to do Bluesfest.

12. Foldable Camping Chairs

While we provide some seating in our performance tents, bringing a foldable chair for the designated areas outside the tented zones can enhance your festival experience. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the music in comfort.

13. Hand Hygiene

Good hygiene is crucial. With hand sanitizers available at every bar and bathroom compound, keeping your hands clean is easy. Take a moment to sanitize regularly and stay healthy throughout the festival.

14. Leave Behind!

To ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time, please leave these items at home: alcohol, illicit substances, unsealed bottles, glass containers, iPads, recording devices, umbrellas, and pets. Drug detection dogs will be present, so keep it clean and have fun!

15. Parking Passes

We can’t stress this enough – pre-purchase your parking pass to avoid long queues. Print it out and place it on your dashboard. This will save you time and ensure a smoother entry process.

16. Tag Bluesfest

We love seeing your Bluesfest experiences! Capture your favorite moments and tag us @bluesfestbyronbay with the hashtag #bluesfestbyronbay. Share your stories, and let’s celebrate together!

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