Bluesfest is grateful for the on-going cooperation and advice it has received from the NSW Ministry of Health to assist in the planning for a COVID-19 safe event. We continue to work closely with the NSW Department of Health, as well as the NSW Ministry of Health and will keep our patrons informed on a regular basis via our Mission Statement.

Q1. Will Bluesfest 2021 be the full experience?

A/ Bluesfest 2021 will be held across all 5 days, over the Easter Long Weekend April 1-5, 2021

Q2. What will the festival be like if it goes ahead with government restrictions & regulations in place?

A/ Bluesfest is committed to be back in 2021 and beyond and is keeping a fluid plan, with different potential scenarios, around potentially changing Government regulations to allow for this. Bluesfest is working on multiple scenarios including hopefully presenting our event substantially the same as in previous festivals.

In order to ensure the quality of the event and safety for patrons, artists and staff at any given moment and depending on how ‘restrictions’ develop over time, Bluesfest 2021 may be a whole new experience. We will implement various measures based on NSW Health Department guidelines including but not limited to:

  1. Seated / outdoors
  2. Social distancing practise and signage across the full festival site
  3. Sanitisation stations across the full festival site and enhanced cleaning in all areas, as well as best practise track and trace facilities and COVID-19 Safety Marshalls.
  4. More details to come in our Bluesfest 2021 COVID-19 Safety plan.
Q3. What are the current regulations?

A/ The current NSW Public Health Order dated 30th June 2020, allows major recreational outdoor venues with space for up to 40,000 people to operate to up to 25% capacity. All events must be seated. Bluesfest has an approved capacity of 30,000.  We expect the order to be regularly updated. 

Q4. What will happen to my tickets if the festival is cancelled as per Government order again in 2021?

A/ All of our ticket income goes directly into a locked account. This means you will receive a refund should the festival be forced to cancel.

Q5. What will happen if international artists can’t come due to travel restrictions?

A/ Bluesfest is committed to the return of live music, therefore we will ensure a full line up of artists appears in 2021.

With Australia’s international border restrictions in place, we have announced that the international artists previously included on our 2021 lineup will not appear at Bluesfest next Easter.

We can confirm that Bluesfest 2021 will consist of an amazing ALL-AUSSIE line-up.

Q6. Why buy tickets now and not wait until closer to the time when the future gets clearer?

A/ By buying a Bluesfest 2021 ticket now, you are investing not only into Bluesfest and its future but into the Australian Music Industry. Bluesfest is taking the lead into stepping into the future. Bluesfest is committed to present an event in 2021 to ensure the music industry is coming back! Whilst Bluesfest is proud to be independent and 100% Australian owned and not funded by a multinational corporation, the Bluesfest fans are critical and fundamental to the success of the event.

A/ Further to that, if there are restrictions placed on “capacity” you might miss out.

Q7. Is the camping site going to be COVID-19 Safe?

A/ The camping site will be set up in accordance with the NSW government health regulations relevant at that time.

Q8. How about the toilet situation?

A/ The cleaning of these facilities will be increased as per safety and health regulations.

Q9. If the event is going to be seated do I need to bring my own chair?

A/ There is no need to bring your own seating. Bluesfest will provide all seating required.

Q10. What if the borders are closed due to Government order, meaning I can’t travel to Byron Bay at the time of the festival?

A/ If there are closed borders occurring at the time of Bluesfest Due to government orders, we will refund those people affected and unable to travel.

Q11. Do I need a large vehicle ticket for my camper, caravan or trailer?

A/ If you are bringing anything towed or a campervan/motor home over 6 metres you must purchase a large vehicle ticket for that vehicle. You can purchase this now online.

Q12. Can I buy Glamping for 2021?

A/ At this stage Glamping is not an option but we do have Tent Motels or Tipis. Glamping might come on sale later, at which time we will promote its availability on our weekly newsletter and social media.

Q13. I want to camp next to my friend who is in a campervan and I am in a tent. How do I get to camp next to my friend? Do you allocate campsites before I get there?

A/ You are allocated a site on arrival. If you want to camp together you must arrive together.