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Byron Bay Bluesfest


RFID Wristbands


Thank you for attending 2017 Bluesfest and utilising for the first time RFID cashless payment technology. The deadline for the 2017 Bluesfest RFID Refund request submissions has now passed.

If you registered for your refund, we apologise if there has been a delay in getting your refund back to you. We are working through any refund payments rejected by the bank due to discrepancies in the data submitted by customers, and if that was the case with your refund request we will have either contacted you already or will do so shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you again at Bluesfest in 2018.


What if I have leftover credit at the end of the event? What is your refund policy?

Why is it important to register your wristband?

How do I register my wristband?

Did you purchase multiple festival tickets for you and your friends?

How do I add credit to my account at Bluesfest?

How do I make a purchase with my wristband?

Can I transfer my credits from my wristband to another one?

Can I split the cost of something with a friend?

I’ve lost my wristband! What should I do?

If my friend and I both have leftover credit, can we combine the remaining amounts into one account?

Still have questions or troubleshooting issues?