Services & Facilities


Bluesfest welcomes patrons with a disability and aims to improve the site and the Bluesfest experience each year. The event is held on the Byron Events Farm (formerly Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm) where the terrain is flat grass and gravel. Please be aware that during busy periods and when it rains, pathways can become tricky to negotiate for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. We suggest bringing a wheelchair with large wheels.

Please read the following information carefully. If your questions have not been answered our contact details can be found at the end of this document.


  • Bluesfest offers parking services for all of our day visitors including people with a disability. All parking is on grass with a gravel approach.
  • Disabled Parking located close to both North and South Festival entries– just follow the Disability Parking signs once you enter the festival or ask one of our friendly car park assistants. Disability Parking Permit required.
  • Cars with disability parking permits also require a parking ticket. Book yours in advance here.


  • If you are arriving by bus, the bus drop off is at the festival’s south gate.


  • Bluesfest provides a designated camping area for people with a disability, situated close to the North Festival Entrance. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide power to any of the camping areas.
  • Accessible toilet and shower facilities are provided in this camping area, and are exclusively reserved for persons with a disability.
  • Camping spots for patrons with a disability must be pre-booked via (02) 6639 9800.
  • Due to space restrictions, maximum 4 campers per group. Larger groups must stay in the general camping area.


  • Accessible toilets are strategically located around the festival site, close to all patron toilet locations. We strive to keep these areas clean and sanitary to the best of our ability.


  • Bluesfest honours the Companion Card system. Carers with a Companion Card will receive a complimentary ticket for the same days as your purchased ticket.
  • One Companion Card carer ticket given each day. If attending the festival for multiple days with the same carer, a multi-day wristband will be issued to your carer.
  • Collect carers tickets from the ticket office on arrival to the festival with your Companion Card and your carer.

Viewing Platforms

  • Viewing platforms are for the sole use of our patrons with a disability for a more equitable experience for patrons with a disability and their carer.
  • Viewing platforms are located at the Mojo and Crossroads stages. Each platform has a steward ready to assist people where needed.
  • Due to high demand Bluesfest cannot cater for patrons with a temporary impairment/injury.
  • Viewing platforms are specifically designed to provide viewing for those who use wheelchairs, if you are denied access please do not be offended.
  • A number of chairs are provided on the platforms for you and one carer. Please do not bring your own.
  • Carers are welcome to use the seating available. If a patron with a disability requires a space, carers may be asked to surrender their seat.
  • We cannot guarantee access to platforms at extremely busy periods.
  • The access ramps are in accordance with disability regulation standards.

Assistance Dogs

  • We happily permit the use of Assistance Dogs within the festival and camping areas. Please respect other patrons by cleaning up after your dog.

Additional Information

  • Fixed seating for general public use is provided at the back of the Crossroads and Mojo Tents for those who cannot stand for long periods of time.
  • Flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be in use at the festival site.
  • First Aid, located next to the CD Tent, provides medics equipped to provide first aid, minor injury care and resuscitation during festival hours. There will be an emergency contact number on your festival wristband. Please do not call 000.

Contact Us

We are happy to assist people with disabilities in planning for an enjoyable and safe Bluesfest experience. If you need further information about disability services and facilities at Bluesfest, please contact Customer Service here or call the office on (02) 6639 9800. ENJOY THE FESTIVAL!


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