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Your privacy is very important to us, so we collect only the information you voluntarily give to us. 
See our personal information policy below to find out about our use of the information we collect. All changes to our privacy policy will be published on this website.

Privacy Policy

Collection and use of your information

We only collect the information you provide to us. For example, you might opt in to our tour mailing list so we can inform you about upcoming artist tours we think you’ll like.

When you give us your email address to receive updates on an artist tour, your email address is added to our email list. All emails from us give you the opportunity to unsubscribe to remove your email address permanently from our mailing list.

No one anyone outside of Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd and its partnership and affiliated group entities will see any of your personal information. All of our affiliated group entities & partner companies protect your information the same way we do.

Accuracy, Security and Access

We take reasonable steps to maintain the security of your personal information and prevent all unauthorised access. If you wish to know what is contained within your information, simply send us an email requesting your details. If you think that the information is incorrect or out of date, please contact us to provide the correct details.


Curious about cookies and sessions? Cookies and sessions are virtually the same thing with a few small differences:

  • a cookie can have an expiry date (that you can set)
  • a session will die after a set time on the server (the default is 20 mins, but this can be overridden on a project by project basis) or when a user closes their browser (whichever happens first).
  • a cookie is stored on the user’s computer where as a session is stored on the web server

We don’t use cookies to track users browsing history or to ‘remember’ login details, but we do use sessions to authenticate users in the Member’s Area. Cookies/sessions will be used for authentication but not for anything untoward like tracking page movements.

Facebook Connect

Our website plugins are provided by, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). The plugins are identifiable by a Facebook logo (white letter f on blue background or a thumb up icon) or “Facebook Social Plugin” notice. Full list of all social Plugins available at

If you access our services via Facebook Connect, provided information such as your email address and unique Facebook ID are collected. We don’t store Facebook passwords, we just use an authentication token to verify your identity to streamline the process of registration and authentication. For the information on the purpose and scope of data collection and procession by Facebook, as well as your rights in this respect and settings options for protecting your privacy please visit Facebook’s privacy policy:

Surfing other sites from Bluesfest

Access other sites external to Bluesfest by simply clicking on the links we have provided. These sites will have their own privacy policies and are not subject to our privacy statement. You should satisfy yourself as to the terms of the privacy policies provided by the operators of these other sites.


All information, including your email address, it is sent at your own risk. Information exchanged via the internet is always at risk of being accessed and used by people other than those authorised. Please protect yourself accordingly.

Contact Us

The operator of this site is Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd (ABN 76 146 130 501) 30 Tanner Lane, Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, NSW 2483. For questions concerning this policy, please use our contact page to submit your enquires.