Festival Maps


Bluesfest Event Site and Full Site Maps will be published closer to the festival

The Bluesfest Event Site map will help you navigate around the Bluesfest stages, markets and food stalls. The Bluesfest Full Site map shows the areas surrounding the festival like campgrounds, car parks, entry gates and emergency evacuation zones.


The Bluesfest festival site is spread over 120 hectares at Byron Events Farm (formerly Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm). Be sure to take forecasted weather into consideration when deciding on what equipment to bring with you.

The following information gives an idea of how far it is to various stages and areas.

Please note all distances are approximate and areas are subject to change.

Distances From the Disability Campsite to:

  • Mojo Tent viewing platform: 320m
  • Crossroads Tent viewing platform: 450m
  • North Gate Entry / Disabled Car Park: 100m
  • South Gate Entry / Disabled Car Park / Shuttle Bus Drop Off: 600m

Distances From the South Gate Entry / Disabled Car Park / Shuttle Bus Drop Off to:

  • Festival entrance (South): 160m
  • Mojo Tent viewing platform: 600m
  • Crossroads Tent Viewing Platform: 450m

Distances From the North Gate Entry / Disabled Car Park to:

  • Festival entrance (North): 80m
  • Mojo Tent viewing platform: 430m
  • Crossroads Tent viewing platform: 570m