June 17, 2019

Family Fun for ALL at Bluesfest

Family Fun for All at Bluesfest

Are you looking for some family fun next Easter? We’re got you covered. Bluesfest is a safe, fun, family-friendly event.

It can be challenging to find music festivals that entertain everyone. From toddlers to teens and grandparents, there’s something for all ages at Bluesfest. It’s a great way to expose your kids to amazing music and the joy of seeing artists live in action.

There are good times to be had for the whole family: amazing music, delicious food stalls and colourful markets. It’s the perfect place to bond over your shared love of music. What could be better?

And you know that children have the best dance moves out of all of us!

Kids and music festivals can mix. But don’t take our word for it…

Here are a few Bluesfest family stories…

“My two kids loved Bluesfest, we camped and had the best time bonding over music.”
“I have been part of a 3 generational Bluesfest festival, myself, my mum, my nan and little brother.”
“My son has been to Bluesfest with me every year since he was 10 in 2008. He’s now 21 and Bluesfest is still the highlight of his musical year.”

Family Fun

Come and join us next Easter for some music, mirth and mayhem! Bluesfest is sure to make some magical memories for you all.

For the kids…

Bluesfest is totally kid friendly, with plenty of fun activities and music that will bring out all oftheir best dance moves. Tickets for kids are a lot cheaper than for the parents, as is camping, and you’ll need to purchase if your child is between 6 and 15. Any younger than 6 and it’s free.

For the parents…

Parents can be seen all over the Bluesfest site bonding over music with their kids. Whether you’ve got a toddler on your shoulders at the front of stage, carrying a baby protected by mini headphones, or dancing with your teens, there’s fun to be had for every family.

Boomerang Festival

Take your kids to see the wonderful music, dance and culture on offer at Boomerang Festival. Open their eyes and hearts to Indigenous culture, with a range of workshops and performances for the little ones.


And don’t forget to check out the Bluesfest Kidzone in 2020! An exciting program of festival fun, creativity, games and awesome activities for you and your kids. Colourful face painting, bubble blowing, clowning around with circus play, getting silly with balloons, an Easter treasure hunt, and much more.

Get ready for some serious family fun next Easter!