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Jerome Williams

Some people march to the beat of their own drum. Jerome Williams marches to the beat of his own guitar... When Jerome picks up an acoustic guitar, he makes it do things you’ve never heard before. Expect the unexpected as he switches from percussive guitar beats to spitting bars then suddenly throwing in some insane shredding. Kind of like if Drake and Slash had a mildly deranged lovechild. Unashamedly his authentic self, Jerome was put on this earth to perform. His mission is to make people want to get up and dance. Like no one's watching of course. The more chaos, the better. He does this with a pure rawness and a mashup of rock, hip hop and funk. Whatever you do, don’t put Jerome in a box. He’ll break out of it! By day, Jerome is a captivating and gifted acoustic solo artist, and as the sun goes down, he becomes a phenomenal, high-powered frontman with only 1 speed - GO!! Werewolf vibes but super friendly and fun. Speaking of wolves, Jerome has supported Byron Bay’s very own Wolfmother and performed all over Australia's east coast, including Airlie Beach Music Festival, Byron Bay Guitar Festival, Byron Music Festival and more recently, played at Byron Bay's famous Bluesfest 2023! Jerome Williams Band comes with a warning: wear comfy shoes. Jerome Williams Band brings their high energy to every single song they perform. They take you on a ride from toe-tapping to thigh-slapping and ultimately dancing with your hands in the air like you just don’t care. There could be some howling too! Yes, you’ll probably end up with blisters on your feet, aching muscles you didn’t know you had and no voice… but you’re guaranteed to have had the night of your life.