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eMDee aka Mark Hoffmann is the number one underground, independent success story from the Northern Territory who has been wowing audiences with his high-energy sounds on the yidaki/didgeridoo for over 20 years.   eMDee’s duo high energy performance is a unique, original composition of didgeridoo and drums heavily influenced by classic drum and bass, jazz and hip-hop that weave a story transcending time or space!   eMDee plays with the greatest respect with permission from many First Nation elders such as Djalu, Bill Harney, David Gulpillil, David Blanasi and many more. eMDee does not, nor ever will, play cultural songs.   Acknowledged for inspiring an entire generation of First Nation youth to return to their roots to pick up the Yidaki once more by traditional owners based in Arnhem land NT, home of the didgeridoo.  Inspiring many performance acts such as Baker Boy and more to bring the yidaki into the modern era.   eMDee aka Mark Hoffman is the only white yidaki player given permission to play by the Traditional owners and respected First Nation elders from the NT around the world and the only white didgeridoo player to be invited to participate in ceremony on country.   eMDee has been acknowledged for his unique style of playing by the now deceased David Blanasi who coined the term ‘aeroplane style’ in the early 90s and has been noted as a true ambassador for multiculturalism bridging the gap by actor David Gulpilill.