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Turner Brown Band

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Experience what happens when southern US Church-based ‘Sacred Steel’ lap steel guitar music crashes head on with blues-based slide guitar. Merging southern US Gospel and Australian blues sounds, The Turner Brown Band is a joint project between Australian slide guitarist Dom Turner (of Backsliders) and USA-based lap-slide guitar and vocal sensation Nikki D Brown. Described by Guitar World as the “Jimi Hendrix of Sacred Steel, Nikki Brown was born into a Church-based/lap-slide guitar tradition known as ‘Sacred Steel’. Her powerful vocals and flamboyant performance style developed over a lifetime of singing, offers a powerfully rich, soul/gospel sound delivered with impeccable flare and energy. Award-winning Australian, blues-based slide-guitarist, vocalist and music producer Dom Turner has spent close to 40 years touring the festival circuit with Backsliders as well as various musical collaborations including Phil Wiggins & Dom Turner and The Rural Blues Project.

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