We process around 2,000 applications each year so we are sure you can imagine the number of emails we get. Please make sure you read all of the information REALLY well before you contact us.  There is also a list of FAQ’s at the bottom of the page, please read it all before contacting us. It means that we can focus on people with individual needs rather than answering the same questions over and over and over, and over. And over. Again 😉

Applications will open in October so keep your eyes peeled!   In the meantime please carefully read all the info below.

Things you need to know before signing up to volunteer at Bluesfest 2020!

  • You must be over 18 years old to apply
  • You are committing to 25 hours of volunteer work. This work is for one ‘5-day ticket’, which is not transferable, nor for exchange for single one-day tickets.
  • You are responsible for your own accommodation and transportation (there is limited discounted Vollie camping and it does and will fill up quickly, it’s first in best dressed! Alternative accommodation options include: buying a Bluesfest camping only ticket or finding accommodation elsewhere in neighbouring towns)

There are two volunteer work options:

During festival Volunteer

Pre-festival and-or Post-fest Volunteer

5-hour shift on each day of the 5-day festival (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)

You must be available to volunteer on ALL 5 DAYS

25 hours of pre-festival and/or post-festival work
You must be available

  • For the duration of Bluesfest 2020 over the Easter long weekend Thursday 9th April until Monday 13th April 2020 inclusive (Please note that Thursday the 9th April 2020 is not a public holiday. Please take this into consideration when applying, as you MUST be available on all 5 days of the festival.)
  • To work 25 hours, ie. one 5 hours shift on each of the 5 days of the festival. Your shifts will alternate between 4 shifts each day, morning, midday, afternoon & night.  The first shift starts at 7 am and the last one finishes at 2 am.
  • You are responsible for your own accommodation and transportation.  Please note festival buses only run from 10 am-midnight.

During festival volunteer work areas and roles

  • Bar fridge stocking
  • Cloakroom assistance
  • Customer feedback/surveys
  • Crowd and traffic guidance
  • Charity stall assistance
  • Camping assistance
  • Kitchen hands
  • Recycling/waste management/bar cleaning
  • Production/stage-hand assistance

You may be assigned to different jobs each day, however, will generally be in a team focused on one of these tasks.

You are required to

  • Work 3-day or 5-day shifts somewhere between Monday 30th March 2020 and Wednesday 15th April 2020.
  • Work 25 hours total and be flexible with work times & days (living local works best & is preferred).
  • Have your own transportation and your own accommodation offsite.

Pre-Festival volunteer work areas and roles

  • Bar stock load-in
  • Kitchen set up
  • Décor / dressing room set up
  • Scaffolding building
  • General site set up
  • Camping and stalls set up

Previous experience with event setup and/or formal relevant training is very favourable. Pre-festival work is generally very physical, has high elemental exposure and long workdays.


For Post Festival volunteering, the work will involve heavy lifting and stage bump-outs.

We will be asking for an upfront $350 cash bond.  This will be taken when you start your first shift and returned at the end of your last shift.  This bond will only be forfeited if you don’t show up for your 2 post-fest shifts. (I’m sure you get why we have to do this but if you don’t feel free to drop us an email and we’d love to explain why!!)

We will do our best to match your experience, skills & talents to the tasks at hand however you may be required to perform one or varying roles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I volunteer more hours on other days as I am not able to get there on Thursday?

Unfortunately no, if you would like to volunteer during the festival you must be available for volunteer work on all 5 days. Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. You will need to complete a 5 hours shift on each of the 5 days. Please note that Thursday the 9th April is NOT a public holiday, please take this into consideration and organise yourself accordingly.

Can I volunteer with my friend(s)?

Once you have been accepted to volunteer at Bluesfest 2020, (you will receive an acceptance email) your best option for volunteering with friends it to all log in to your volunteer profiles together/at the same time and choose the same roster preference. Please note we try very hard to give you your preferred roster however it is not a guarantee.

Can I swap one or more shifts?

Unfortunately, the answer is no!

We are dealing with a large number of volunteers and if everyone were to swap around we wouldn’t be able to run the department and cater to the festival’s needs. Our rosters are rotating to ensure a fair distribution across the five days. However, if you get to the festival and you desperately need to see a band, and you really need to swap a shift, talk to your team leader when you arrive.  If it is ok with them you can try and find someone in another roster to swap that shift with.  This is by no means a given but we will try and help if we can.

Can I change my roster preference?

You will be able to change your roster preference up until we lock them in and send you your assigned roster. Please note that you can only select available rosters as a preference and rosters will fill up rather quickly. Once you receive communication from us that your roster has been assigned you will not be able to make changes.

What do the roster colours mean?

  • Red – Camping
  • Orange – Waste management
  • Green – Bars
  • Purple – Customer Service


Is there camping for volunteers?

Volunteers are responsible for organising their own accommodation and transport. There are a small number of discounted camping spots available for volunteers, PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FIRST IN BEST DRESSED, once this allocation is filled it will no longer be an option. Once you have been accepted to volunteer at Bluesfest 2020 we will send you an acceptance email, which will outline how to log in and select your roster. Discounted Vollie camping can only be purchased once all of these steps are completed. Info on how to organise the discounted Vollie camping will be emailed to you once you have selected your roster. For alternative accommodation options please research the local area or look into regular Bluesfest general camping tickets. but as mentioned this is your own responsibility.

Getting there

Where to go?

(Tyagarah, Lot 5) The Bluesfest site is located at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, located 9km north of Byron Bay CBD. Volunteers are required to make their own way to the festival site via their own transport, carpooling and/or public transport. You will be sent more info on the location of Vollie HQ closer to the festival.

Parking can be some distance from the festival site and hence adequate time should be allowed to ensure a relaxed, safe journey and to be on-site on time.  Parking for Vollies is free! During the festival (only) frequent shuttle bus services run to and from the festival area to various local centres (Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads, Bangalow and Ballina) for a fee.

Be organised – make sure to organise your travel plans (if applicable) in advance. As already mentioned please take careful note of the volunteer requirements (dates, public holidays, festival location etc.) and ensure that you are able to fulfil these before committing.


When and where must I be for registration if I am volunteering during the festival?

When you select your roster preference as well as shift times it will tell you your registration time. This will also be communicated in the weeks leading up to the festival. Registration is at Vollie HQ. You will be sent a map in the lead up as well.

Please ensure you have read the shifts carefully and are aware that as a ’during festival’ volunteer you are required for shifts Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon.


What do I need to know for my volunteer shifts?

  • Turn up 15 – 30 mins before your shift starts
  • Be prepared for your shift when signing on (wearing closed shoes, fed/hydrated, post bathroom/toilet)
  • Sign on for your shift at the correct rostered time with your team leader and from there you will be escorted to your workplace, do not wander off without your team leader!
  • Fulfil your duties in the role you have been assigned too, stay at your post at all times during your shift and/or follow provided instructions.
  • Sign off at the end of your 5-hour shift without delay with your team leader (not before or sometime after)
  • Always adhere to the Bluesfest volunteering process, conditions, Health & Safety Policy and the law.
  • Have fun, interact & enjoy the festival!

Please read through the attachments in the acceptance email for further information.


Is there camping and/or transportation for pre-fest?

Short answer NO. If you wish to volunteer for pre-fest please be aware that you will have to organise your own accommodation offsite and transport to and from the festival site. These roles are great for locals!

Is there post-fest volunteer work?

YES, feel free to check in on this page at a later stage for any updates. Please do not count on there being post-fest volunteer work.


How do I withdraw my volunteer application?

If you are no longer able to volunteer with Bluesfest 2020 PLEASE withdraw as soon as possible. This will free up a spot for someone else. If you are unable to volunteer and do not withdraw this would effect any future prospects of volunteering with Bluesfest.

Volunteer withdraw instructions:

  1. Log in to your volunteer profile
  2. Click on OPPORTUNITIES tab
  3. Click on “Sign me up for Bluesfest 2019”
  4. Click WITHDRAW button

Back of House roles – Blue Team

Please be advised that these roles are allocated somewhat differently. They are not available to choose as a roster preference. There are only a few spots available and we assign them on our end. If you are experienced in this area and wish to volunteer in this area please ensure you have advised so in your volunteer application.  You can add this information to your volunteer profile: My Profile – Additional Info – Scroll down to Qualifications & Skills.

If you have done one of these roles in the past please not the role and the year you volunteered in your applications

5-day Festival Pass

What do I get in exchange for volunteering?

As a Bluesfest 2020, you are committing to 25 hours of volunteer work. This work is for one ‘5-day ticket’, which is non-transferable, or for exchange for single one-day tickets.


What is the volunteer bond?

Please note that as a ‘during festival’ volunteer if your application is successful, you will be required to commit to a $200 bond when you register (more instructions later). The bond is only forfeited in the event of misconduct and as a result, you are removed from the volunteering team.
A bond commitment from volunteers helps to ensure we have a secure and honest volunteer team to help run the event and minimises disruptions for the volunteering team and the festival.

Good conduct is:

  • Turning up 15 – 30 mins before your shift starts
  • Being prepared for your shift when signing on (wearing closed shoes, fed/hydrated, post bathroom/toilet)
  • Signing on for your shift at the correct rostered time with your team leader and being escorted to your workplace.
  • Fulfilling your duties in the role you have been assigned too, staying at your post at all times during your shift and/or following provided instructions.
  • Waiting for your team leader to complete change over, pick you up and bring you back to Vollie HQ to sign off at the end of your 5-hour shift.
  • Always adhering to Bluesfest volunteering process, conditions, Health & Safety Policy and the law.
  • Having fun, interacting & enjoying the festival!

Is there paid work?

We are the volunteer department and as such only organise the volunteers, please do not contact us in regards to paid work! Hint: Loads of Vollies get paid work the following year, work hard and show your department manager what you’ve got.  An awesome attitude goes a long way!