September 29, 2021

Christmas has come early, Bluesfesters!

Christmas has come early, Bluesfesters!

Bluesfest 2022 keeps building and building evermore into the GREATEST lineup of the finest Australian talent and guests from NZ… EVER! And we’re not even close to stopping. There are many more amazing artists yet to be announced! 🤩

The good news doesn’t stop there. How incredible it was to hear, not only for Bluesfest but the entire Music industry, the NSW Premier announcement earlier this week of the roadmap moving forward, the easing of restrictions especially for those in the music industry, and the re-opening of the economy.

We look forward to seeing other states announcing their roadmaps moving forward, including their plans around re-opening interstate travel.

It’s been really tough journey for all of us in these times, and to finally see the way ahead feels like Christmas has come early!

“How wonderful it is to be able to tell all of you Bluesfest will be happening, OFFICIALLY!” – Peter Noble OAM

Between now and Easter 2022, we will continue to work closely with the NSW Department of Health, developing our COVID-19 Safety Plan for Bluesfest 2022. As these plans develop, we will be making announcements regularly regarding how we will make your Bluesfest experience a safe one.

What exactly will the festival be like?! Well, we cannot wait to share that information as the planning develops. The NSW Premier’s announcement leads us to believe that it will be quite different from what we may have originally expected… by that we mean it will be much closer to a normal Bluesfest after all!

We suspect based on the NSW Premier’s statement on Monday, entry conditions may differ for those who choose to remain unvaccinated than for those fully vaccinated, but those details are not clear yet. What truly matters is that we will be in a position to present to EVERYONE, and that the world is opening up again!

By the time Bluesfest 2022 comes around, that same world will be at a place that will allow us to present our festival, complete in all its magic ✨

It’s been a hard road, with plenty of challenges and our Easter cancellation this year was the toughest experience we have ever had… yet we always have believed in Music, and that we will return. We have worked every day since our original cancellation in 2020 to present the music we live and to share that wonderful experience with you.

Thank you in the most profound way for, simply, sticking with us and for holding on to your tickets through these recent times of re-schedules. Thank you for your love and support – there isn’t any other festival-goer like a Bluesfester. You have inspired us through these arduous times to keep going.

Take a bow. You are brilliant. And now that we actually can truly see the light… we can’t wait to present Bluesfest in Easter next year. It’s going to be a celebration like no other in our history.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bluesfest next Easter.