March 26, 2020

Sound Of Silence
Sending out an SOS

The Australian music industry has sent out an SOS.

Sound of Silence is a national initiative representing our diverse music industry, helping bring immediate relief for an industry on the brink.

If you are in a position to do so, please support SOS and donate to this purpose built charity helping artists, roadies and music workers directly during this difficult time so they can get back on their feet and keep the music alive for us all.

Here are some ways Music Lovers can help…

For more information on #soundofsilenceau and donations to
Support Act

Music is a healer

Our Bluesfest 2020 Artists have been fantastic and supportive, with many of them already signalling they are keen to perform at Bluesfest 2021.

We want to give a respectful nostalgic nod to our beloved artists all over the world that make Bluesfest the top-notch festival it is with a playlist featuring their music for you to enjoy.

You can help musicians stay alive during these troubled times simply by streaming or purchasing their music.
We have updated the Bluesfest 2020 Spotify playlist.