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Byron Bay Bluesfest

Emily Wurramara

Australia has a cultural heartbeat like few others. For millennia that pulse has been powered by music. It has always been song that has told Australia’s stories – it’s why such an ancient culture remains so alive and powerful.  Drawing from two very different worlds to make music and tell stories about contemporary life with an ageless perspective, Emily Wurramara is driven by passion for culture and heritage. With national airplay on ABC and Triply J, Emily has become a seasoned performer who has taken her music around the country and abroad with shows in Sweden and France, as well as appearances at major Festivals across Australia, including: Gaarma Festival, Island Vibes, and Woodford Folk Festival. Add in a couple of 2016 Queensland Music Award nominations and Triple Unearthed showcase at Big Sound and the picture starts to build of a young artist with a very bright tomorrow.

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