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Byron Bay Bluesfest

The Mountain Goats


The Mountain Goats will make their Bluesfest debut in 2017. The trio hail from California but travel the world performing their authentic and distinctive music to appreciative crowds.

The Mountain Goats auteur, John Darnielle, is one of the most imaginative lyricists of his generation. His music is filled with skewed characters, vibrant images and perfectly-framed narratives, that has created a following around the world since the release of their first album in 1994.

In 2015 they released Beat the Champ, a gorgeous album that tackles the surprising theme of wrestling. Writer John Fink describes the album as being “about the simple and beautiful stories of professional wrestling as seen by fans who need something simple in their messy lives. The songs are also about the complicated and beautiful lives of the people who work in professional wrestling, who do their best to entertain, to leave a mark, and, when all else fails, to survive. It is an album about, as the chorus of one of its tracks puts it, nameless bodies in unremembered rooms.”

Be there to witness their live performances which can be described as intense, moving and completely unique.

“One of Darnielle’s premier talents as a musician is his ability to cast personal mantras as singalong anthems. At his best, his songs feel as essential as water. Mountain Goats fans will testify to the healing powers of standing arm-to-arm with hundreds of people while shouting "I am going to make it through this year if it kills me." – Pitchfork

“The music is fantastically rangy, with discordant strings and jazz piano nuzzling punk-busker guitar.”- Rolling Stone

“Beat The Champ takes you on a walloping emotional journey that proves great song writing can complement any subject matter” – Alternative Press

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