Byron Bay Bluesfest


“He reminds me of how I was at that age” - Prince
“A supernaturally talented young buck who’s mastered Hendrix’s Blistering guitar shredding” - Rolling Stone

Wielding a psychedelic-painted Fender Squier and blessed with a falsetto that could shake Stonehenge, Australian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Harts electrifies pop with both musicianship and showmanship. His second full-length album and stateside debut, Smoke Fire Hope Desire, sits comfortably between the turn-of-the-century production wizardry of The Neptunes and Timbaland and the primal Monterey Jazz Festival fret-burning of ’67 Hendrix.

In 2009, Harts formally came to life as a delicate amalgam of rock, pop, funk, and soul not only written and performed entirely by its architect, but also recorded and mixed by him as well. International audiences quickly embraced this singular vision. He released his first full-length, Daydreamer, in 2014 followed by the Breakthrough EP a year later. Rolling Stone Australia, NME, The Guardian, Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue Magazine Australia, Faster Louder, Music Feeds, and more unanimously praised Harts, while GQ Australia named him among its 2016 “Men of the Year.”

His music soundtracked both a Rimmel London spot starring supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss and a national Subaru campaign. The late Prince personally invited Harts to Paisley Park Studios and mentored the young artist, contributing to his sound in profound ways. Harts found a fan in Prince and will find many more in the Bluesfest audience when he takes to the stage next Easter. 


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