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The Doobie Brothers


 Born out of Northern California’s chaotic, late-1960s musical stew, The Doobie Brothers’ rugged, real and authentic approach to rock and roll made them biker bar stalwarts. But their self-titled debut album in ’71 went beyond just leather and motorcycles, revealing even more musical layers; sweet three-part harmonies and rootsy, introspective, acoustic flavours.

 The Doobie Brothers’ legacy has been built upon not just hit records, but also an unrivalled commitment to musical integrity and a steadfast allegiance to their enthusiastic fan base. The bands ability to evolve in a constantly changing industry and connections to generations of listening audiences is a testament to their craft.
While their debut album in 1971 did not chart, just a year a later, their second record, Toulouse Street, became a breakout sensation. From there The Doobies hit the road, tirelessly working their way around the world.
The Doobie Brothers were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004, have won four Grammy awards and sold more than 48 million records worldwide. Their 1976 Best of the Doobies has sold more than 12 million copies, earning rare RIAA Diamond status. Their No. 1 gold-certified singles ‘Black Water’ and ‘What a Fool Believes’  lead a catalogue of hits that includes ‘Listen to the Music’, ‘Jesus Is Just All Right’, ‘Rockin’ Down the Highway’, ‘Long Train Runnin’, ‘China Grove’,  ‘Take Me In Your Arms’,  ‘Takin’ It to the Streets’, ‘Minute by Minute’, You Belong to Me’,  and ‘The Doctor’. In all, The Doobies have tallied five Top 10 singles and 16 Top 40 hits.
Singer/guitarist Pat Simmons notes: “We have a hardcore fan base that has handed our music down through the years to their children and their children’s children. Repeatedly, people go to our concerts and come up to us and say, ‘My dad turned me on to you guys years ago, and I’ve loved you guys all this time, and my kids are listening to you now.”.
The collaborative, almost communal sense of family within the band allowed them to stay fresh and unpredictable over the years, while never forsaking their deep American musical roots, boogie-jams and all.

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