Byron Bay Bluesfest

Bluesfest Parking

Paid Parking

  • The Daily Parking Pass is a vehicle pass for those wanting to come to Bluesfest 2019 and utilize our day parking.
  • The pre-purchased cost of the daily ticket is $25. All Vehicle Passes can be pre-purchased and will be cheaper than if purchased on the day on-site.
  • Please note, 2 wheeled vehicles are exempt from this fee.
  • All Daily Parking Passes must be displayed on the vehicle while the festival-goers are on-site. You will need one pass for each day you wish to park on-site at Bluesfest 2019.
  • You can still purchase parking passes if you don’t have tickets to the festival. Just go to the BOOK TICKETS section on our website.


  • Please note if you are camping but wish to use your car throughout the festival you will have to purchase daily parking passes.
  • Campers are not exempt from this fee as you can park your car for free at your campsite.
  • Vehicles in the campground cannot leave the campgrounds once parked on-site.

Already have your Bluesfest tickets but need to purchase a parking pass;

  • Go to Book Tickets
  • Select the days you wish to park your car Pay
  • Print your tickets
  • Have them ready for display

No tickets to Bluesfest;

  • Go to Book Tickets
  • Select the festival tickets you want (click continue)
  • Select the days you need parking passes for (you can skip this and always add later)
  • Pay
  • Print your tickets
  • Have them ready for display