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Byron Bay Bluesfest

Bluesfest 2018 Charity Stalls Application Form

Welcome to the Bluesfest Charity Stalls Application form for 2018.  
The 29th Annual Bluesfest will be celebrated over the Easter weekend from 29 March to 2 April 2018 at our home at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay..
Bluesfest has built a reputation not only for the incredible music but also the unique opportunity for reputable charities to meet, discuss and raise funds for their causes.  Charity stalls provide an important part of the festival experience for our patrons and are carefully selected to avoid duplication of stalls on site.
Authorised environmental groups, charity and non-profit organisations are invited to apply for a coveted position as one of approximately ten charity stalls on site.
Please read through the below information carefully.  Your application is key to being considered for a position on site and potentially joining the Bluesfest family in 2018.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Key Festival dates

Please make a note of the following key dates:
 30 November 2017
 Closing date for applications (incl. Supporting Material)
 20 December 2017
 Confirmation date for successful applications
 15 January 2018
 Full payment made to secure position on site
 23 March 2018
 Pre-festival meeting including stall allocation on site
 27 March 2018
 Pre-festival site registration
 28 March 2018
 Stall Holder and staff registration and festival wrist banding  
 29 March – 2 April 2018  

Assistance or Further Queries

If you require assistance completing the application forms please  contact the Stalls Manager via email.
Angela Beglin, Stalls Manager
Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 1606
Byron Bay NSW 2481
Ph:   02-6639 9800

1. Application Process

Completing your application

Your Charity Stalls application must be completed as follows:
  • Online: Applications must be submitted online via the Bluesfest website.
  • Print for physical component: Print two copies of your application before submitting, to accompany your Supporting Material. Keep the second copy for your records.
  • Email confirmation: Once you have submitted your online application you will receive an email with your Application ID, confirming receipt.  If you do not receive this email please reapply.
  • Supporting Material: After applying online you must provide your Supporting Material by mail prior to the application deadline, Thursday 30 November 2017.
  • Invoice Payment for successful applicants: Payments must be made in full by 15 January 2018.
You the applicant must be the registered and licensed owner or representative and principal operator of the Charity stall (‘Stall Holder’) and must be available on site for the duration of the Festival, including set up and pack down.

Supporting Material

Printed Copies
For your application to be considered, you must provide Supporting Material by 30 November 2017. This includes a printed copy of:
  1. Your completed application form
  2. A thorough and detailed description of your charity including intended layout (e.g. photos, a printed presentation)
  3. Details of products/merchandise to be sold including any fundraising activity
  4. Details of previous festival experience
Without the printed copies your application will not be considered.
Send Supporting Material by 30 November 2017 to:
Stalls Manager
Bluesfest Services Pty. Ltd
P.O. Box 1606
Byron Bay  NSW  2481

2. Selection Process

Selection of Charity stalls is based on the information you provide to us.  Factors that Bluesfest takes into consideration when selecting Charity stalls include:
  • Authorised environmental group, charity or non-profit organisation
  • Team is qualified in representing charity and able to engage with and educate Bluesfest patrons
  • Team is available on site for set up and pack down after the festival, and to manage the stall during the festival
  • Supporting Material supplied with application, including visual presentation
  • Overall diversity and variety of stalls on site
  • Bluesfest has strict sustainability standards and will give preference to environmentally aware vendors.
A first round selection will be made, followed by a committee review of the remaining applications and how they will work collectively on site.
All applicants will be notified via email by 20 December 2016. 
In the event your application is unsuccessful your supporting information will be returned via Australia post unless otherwise advised. 
Selection is at the absolute and sole discretion of Bluesfest management and all decisions are final.  No further correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful applicants.
Successful applications
If your application is successful you will be notified by email by 20 December 2017 and will receive an invoice shortly afterwards.  For your application to be finalised and allocated to the Bluesfest 2018 site plan, you must then supply the following:
  • Bond/Security Deposit: A payment of $500 is required within 7 days of being approved, to be held as a security deposit only - it is not part of your payment for your stall.  Payment details will be included in your approval email.
  • Payment: Full payment of your invoice is required by 15 January 2018.
  • PLI:  A copy of your Public Liability insurance with Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd listed as an interested party
All payments (bond and invoice) must be made in full by 15 January 2018.

3. Fees and Charges

Charity Stall Fees are charged to cover the costs for the stall and infrastructure provided.
Bond/Security Deposit
All Charity Stalls are required to pay $500 security deposit once your application has been accepted.
Payment details will be included in your approval email.
Stall Fees
The fee for a Charity Stall is priced to cover costs only.  Fee includes stall and floor hire plus installation, lighting, electricity and a garbage component 
Charity Stall Fee for 2017 is  $850.00 incl GST for a 3m x 3m stall. 
6m x 3m stalls are limited and charged at an additional fee.  Price on application.
Staff Tickets
Charity Stalls are provided 6 x five-day passes as part of the Stall Fee.  Additional staff tickets are available until 1 March 2018 at a discounted rate. 
Additional Staff Tickets
$450 per person (discounted rate)
Tickets are 5 day festival wristbands and are non-transferable.
Camping @ Tyagarah
$209 per person (discounted rate)
Available for non-Byron Shire resident Stallholders only.

Invoicing and Payments

Tax invoices will be issued by Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd for payment and will be sent to you via email. Receipts of payment are generally not supplied.
Payments are to be made to Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd by one of the following methods:
Via telephone or at the Bluesfest office:
Tel. 02 6639 9800
30 Tanner Lane,
Tyagarah NSW 2481
(1% surcharge per txn).
Please post to:
Stalls Manager
Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 1606
Byron Bay NSW 2481
e.g. Internet banking:
Account details will be provided with your invoice
Full payment of Charity Stall Fee is required before 15 January 2018 payable to Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd.  Bank details will be included on your invoice.

 4. Terms and Conditions

For further information regarding the Full Terms and Conditions, click HERE.