Byron Bay Bluesfest

Camping at Bluesfest

5 day tickets and camping for Bluesfest 2019 are now available!

Camping right in the heart of the Bluesfest home at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm is the way to go!

All campgrounds are located on the grass fields adjacent to the Festival grounds, where the musical adventure takes place. The campground offers a campers cafe (serving hot breakfasts, coffee, milk, ice and other limited items), laundry, toilets and showers.

As a 5 Day Ticket holder you can arrive the day before the festival (i.e. 17th of April) from 10.30am and get settled in for your Easter Bluesfest  long weekend. You can stay until the day after the festival (i.e. 23rd of April - 10am).

Please also take a moment to read the Terms & Conditions of our camping below - we know they can be a little tedious to read, but there is a lot of info in there. Thank you! 

Camping Tickets

Festival and Camping Combined 

This ticket gives you the 5 Day Festival Experience including Season Camping in the one ticket price. For all Ticket prices click here

Adult & Youth Camping Ticket

The season 5 day camping will allow you to camp for 6 nights / 7 days from 10.30am 18th of April until 10am 23rd of April. As a Youth (15 yrs to 17 yrs inclusive) you are required to purchase a Youth Festival Ticket and if you wish to camp you purchase the Camping Adult & Youth Ticket. For all Ticket prices click here

Child Camping Ticket

Children under the age of 6 are free. Children between the age of 6 and 14 have to be in the supervision of a Responsible Adult. Children under 15 will not gain entry by themselves and will be asked to leave if found by themselves. An Adult can take up to 4 children to the Festival. You will not be able to purchase a child ticket without an accompanying adult ticket. For all Ticket prices click here


Flash Camp is coming back to Bluesfest in 2019.

Camp in style at Bluesfest next Easter at the exclusive camp situated within the Festival grounds! Flash Camp is perfect for the Festival goer who wants to be amongst it all but have a comfortable base to retreat to at the end of a big day.

Please note: You will need a 5 Day Festival & Camping ticket to glamp!

For more glamping info click here


Tent Motels

Will be back for Bluesfest 2019. Make sure you're signed up to our e-news for when they'll be released.

Available to 5 day camping ticket holders only. For a hassle and stress free Bluesfest, book your accommodation in one of the popular Tent Motels – pre set up tents, complete with an awning, carpet, 12v light, and stretcher beds and roll up windows– all you need to bring is your bedding.

Rainbow Tipis   


Will be back for 2019. Stay tuned for more information. 

Large Canvas Tipis will be available for those who want to try a unique, premium accommodation experience. All Tipis are pre-assembled, so you just have to arrive and check-in.


  • 16 foot Tipi - Maximum of 3 people 
  • 18 foot Tipi - Maximum of 3 people
  • 18 foot Tipi - Maximum of 5 people


There are three options to choose from: The larger 18ft Tipi that is perfect for 4 people, or for a family or a group of friends and will sleep a maximum of 5. The larger 18ft Tipi, ideal for 2 to 3 people that prefer extra space when they are camping and The smaller 16ft Tipi that is a great option for 2 people, for the romantic couple or those who don't like to share, this option will sleep a maximum of 3 people.


Tipi’s are available to 5 day Festival and Camping ticket holders only. Feel free to give us a call on 02 6685 8310 and we can help you over the phone. Due to the capacity limitations at Tyagarah, there are only a limited amount of Tipis available, so book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Please note: All people staying in your Tipi will need a 5 Day Festival & 5 Day Camping ticket.


Each Tipi includes comfortable single foam mattresses on a quality stretcher camp bed, a floor, a bedside table and an LED lantern - just bring your own bedding.


  • Camping in a nice new clean Tipi with easy-to-find assigned numbers.
  • Camping bed supplied with covered foam mattress and covered pillow
  • Night light and small bedside table
  • Foot Mat at the door for Shoes
  • A Meeting and Chillout Space with tables and chairs will be at the entrance to the Rainbow Tipi Camp Area which will be attended by a P.G (Professional Greeter)
  • The Rainbow Tipi Chai kitchen will provide chai tea, hot water for coffee and/or tea and water and wash up facilities if you would like to make your own breakfast.
  • A Message Board to post notes to friends and a Bluesfest Schedule to view.
  • Broom and Pans available to borrow from the Communal Space

Limited car spaces are available, so please advise our office on 02 6639 9800 if you would like to leave your car beside the Tipi village. 

Sheet and doona packs are available to purchase through Rainbow Tipis, please contact them via to arrange. They will also be able to assist with any special needs or requests. 

Need camping gear?

Ballina Disposals Camping & Travel Wear
207 River St Ballina
02 6686 8622

Byron Bay Camping & Disposals
The Plaza, Jonson St, Byron Bay
02 6680 8341

Mullumbimby Disposals
67 Burringbar st , Mullumbimby
02 6684 2967

Bluesfest Camping Terms and Conditions 2019

This ticket is sold by Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd (ABN 76 146 130 501 ) who is responsible for the Event. The following conditions are both of sale (including any resale or subsequent assignment), entry and attendance at the camping site and the Event.
'You' and 'your' refers to the customer. 'We', 'us', 'our', 'Bluesfest' and 'Event organiser' refers to Bluesfest Services Pty Ltd its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons. This agreement means these terms and conditions and any other conditions specified by us on our website and booking forms.
IMPORTANT: All the terms and conditions of your Festival ticket shall apply to this camping ticket; so please read those conditions in conjunction with this camping ticket.
1. The whole venue is a GLASS FREE ZONE, so please bring no glass items as they will be confiscated. Please do not bring glass into the camping area, broken glass and festivals do not mix, consider your fellow humans feet.
2. The campground is an ALCOHOL FREE ZONE and is unlicensed and our liquor licence states you can only consume alcohol on the actual Festival site. Do not consume alcohol within the campground. Please be aware of this policy and show respect to other festival patrons. The quiet and order of the festival campground and its neighbourhood will be maintained. No parties will be allowed in the camping area. Breach of this condition WILL result in eviction without refund. After all, everyone needs a good night’s sleep, so all that Bluesfest has to offer can be really enjoyed.
3. Camping sites are allocated on arrival. Each person must have their own photo ID and ticket ready to present to Bluesfest staff. Tent sites are allocated when you arrive by our very efficient camping staff. You are not able to save spots for friends. If you intend to camp alongside friends you must meet up beforehand and arrive together. Please remain with your car & tent until you have been registered.
4. Camping tickets are sold per person. Camping tickets are not transferable; you cannot share it with other people. Camping tickets are exchanged for wristbands which are non transferable and must be worn at all times for the duration of the festival.
5. You do not have an unlimited amount of space for your camp setup, a reasonable sized tent for the amount of people staying in that tent only, will be allowed. eg: four adults camping then a 6 man tent is deemed reasonable. Please call the office on 02 6639 9800 if you are unsure whether your tent setup is suitable.
6. Camping tickets are separate to event tickets. You will need two tickets, one to camp and one to gain entry to the festival. You cannot purchase a camping ticket without having a festival ticket; the two tickets must match up eg: if you have a Saturday-Sunday-Monday festival pass you must also have a Saturday-Sunday-Monday Camping pass.
7. All 1 day and 3 day campers must only arrive after 10.30am on the first valid day stated on their camping ticket and must depart the campsite by 10am on the day their ticket becomes invalid.
8. Entry for set-up and arrival to the campsite closes at 10pm daily. Please arrive and set up before 10pm.
9. Your person, possessions and motor vehicle will be searched for prohibited items including ALCOHOL, GLASS, WEAPONS, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES or any item the Event organizers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner and may be confiscated. Refusal to consent to a search WILL prevent entry to the camping ground without refund.
10. Due to limited access to/from the campsite and to avoid traffic congestion, only one vehicle may be parked next to your tent - car pooling is advised. Vehicles will not be allowed to come and go from the campground. If you do need to move your vehicle for any reason, you will not be able to bring it back inside the campground, at which point you will be directed to park your vehicle in the Bluesfest car park , this may incur a small daily fee. You may re-enter the campground with your vehicle on the day your camping ticket expires to pack up and leave the site (For example if you have a 3 day camping ticket for Thursday, Friday, Saturday you can only re-enter with your vehicle on Sunday morning to leave the site before 10am).There will be plenty of shuttle buses going to the nearby towns of Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads, Bangalow and Ballina on a frequent basis.
11. The season 5 day camping will allow you to camp for 6 nights from 10.30am 17th of April until 10am 23rd of April 2019.
12. NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING ALLOWED IN THE BLUESFEST CARPARK!! No campervans or wicked vans will be allowed overnight in the car park; if you want to camp onsite you must buy a camping ticket or stay at a campsite nearby. The car parks are patrolled hourly; any attempt to camp overnight without a ticket will result in a $50 fine.
13. On departure of the campsite please make sure all your belongings, camping equipment and vehicles are removed.
14. There is an extra charge for those bringing Winnebago’s, caravans, camper trailers and campervans longer than 6 meters due to the extra space that they inevitably take up. MORE INFORMATION on extra large vehicles here.
15. There will be separate designated camping areas for 5 day, 3 day and 1 day camping. Therefore, if you are arriving with a group and the members of your group have different camping ticket types, you will not be able to camp next to each other.
16. All Camping enquiries at the festival should be directed to the Camping Enquiries Office located at the South gate.
17. Animals are not permitted on the camping or event grounds.
18. Open fires are not permitted. We have Fire Marshalls on site that will be checking your setup to ensure safety. We do allow gas burners for cooking and gas bbq's.
19. Security personnel will undertake regular patrols of the camping area. The Security phone number will be on your wristband, don’t hesitate to call it.
20. The use of fireworks in the campground or festival site is strictly prohibited. Any person using fireworks will be ejected from the campground and the festival.
21. Bluesfest is an all weather Festival. The Festival will go ahead Rain, Hail or Shine.
22. Please respect the site and your fellow campers. Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the site. 24 hour security is on hand to ensure the safety and amenity of all campers.
23. The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for any loss, theft, injury or damages sustained entering, or on the site. Don’t leave valuables in your tent. Lock them out of sight in your car, or even better, do not bring laptops, jewellery or expensive items to the Festival – do you really need them?
24. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.
25. Tickets may not, without the prior written consent of Bluesfest be resold at a premium or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods and services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the bearer of the ticket will be refused admission.
26. Bluesfest Pty Ltd cares for the environment and community. Please be respectful and place any litter in the recycle or other bins provided around the venue. Be waste and water wise - thank you.
27. No drums are allowed in the camping area. No excessive noise and amplified music after 1am. For further information or Festival Terms and Conditions please click here