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Time to pay is back! 3 Day Ticket Fever! Fun, Facts and Figures!|BLF4882

3 July 2017

After receiving so many phone calls and emails about when the ‘Time to pay’ would become available, we are pleased to announce that our popular 'Time to Pay' ticket purchase option is now available for all tickets!


If you already have your Festival tickets secured, you may wish to add on your VIP Lounge entry, Camping, a Tent Motel or the luxurious Glamping and pay these tickets off over 4 payments! 

'Time to Pay' is so cool, because it allows you to pay off your tickets over 3 months and 4 easy payments. It’s a dream come true, as it also allows you to buy your tickets at the current rate, therefore avoiding any future price rises. 

Plus how good is this? If you lock in your tickets now, you will have them paid off by the beginning of September, around the time of our first big artist announcement, and when ticket prices will be so much higher.

Way to go!

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Urgent 3 Day Ticket update:


Tickets are continuing to sell very fast, faster than ever before and the Early Bird 3 day tickets will no longer be available after Thursday 6th of July, unless the allocation sells out beforehand.

All 3 day tickets will increase in price!

If you are a 3 day Bluesfest fan, then now is the time to lock in your tickets.

They are going up in price and with ‘Time to pay’ being now available; you can purchase your tickets now and avoid any further price increases.

NOTE: All tickets are going off sale very soon, as we gear up for our 1st artist announcement! When the tickets go back on sale with the first artist announcement, they will be at a much higher price! Say no more!

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2017 Fun, Facts and Figures!

Bluesfest 2017 only finished 11 weeks ago and we still revel in all the great times we had. We have collated some figures for you, which are not only fun to read, but pretty incredible. We never cease to be amazed on how BIG these numbers are.

Here are just some of them!

49 buskers performed
at the festival!

8080 meals were served in back of house catering!

67 drivers worked day and night to transport our artists!

292 trips to the airport were made!

14,208km were driven to Brisbane and back alone!

Just over 590 people were in the artist touring parties!

590 entries were logged in our lost and found log!  

As for the 'Lost and Found' items – we are still holding on to them, so if there is something you lost, why not call the Bluesfest office on 02 6685 8310. We are happy to help.

Call us now!


Ticket protection now available.

Ticket protection offers you peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances effecting yourself or immediate family, resulting in you being unable to attend your chosen event. 100% of your ticket price will be returned to you, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusion of the policy. Please read the combined Financial Service and Product Statement and familiarise yourself with the FAQ’s .

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