It’s only been 3 weeks since Easter Monday and your team Bluesfest is still working around the clock, clearing up the 2017 Festival for many more weeks to come. Once completed, we will change gear once again and put on our 2018 Festival hat.
10 May 2017
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2018 Five day Early birds are flying away fast!
Charity Stalls at Bluesfest 2017!
Going down the wondrous memory lane!

It’s only been 3 weeks since Easter Monday and team Bluesfest is still working around the clock, finalising the 2017 Festival. Once completed we will change gear again and put on our 2018 Festival hats which is so exciting, we can’t wait! In the meantime...


Peter Noble, our Festival Director, has been wearing the 2018 Festival hat for some time, whilst he is already negotiating with agents all over the world to book, once again, the most amazing artists to join our line-up for 2018.

Do we have your attention? Because today we wish to share some insights on the Charity stalls at Bluesfest. They worked so hard, and were greatly rewarded by many of you.

We also have a trip down memory lane - all the Final Festival reels together, going back to 2013. They are so beautiful to watch and are made to bring back some special moments of happiness in your life.

2018 Ticket Update

If you have your tickets secured, please jump right past this text, but if you have NOT, all we wish to say is that since all the 5 day Early bird tickets went on sale on Tuesday 2nd of May the influx of sales has been HUGE. We have already sold a lot of VIP entries, Tent Motels, Tipis and the take up on Glamping (Flash camp) has been big. All these tickets are limited, and greatly discounted, so if you have not got your tickets yet, get them secured.

See ticket prices

Bluesfest Charities 2017


Thank you to every one of you who has supported all the amazing charities at Bluesfest this year. Your contribution is truly valued and so much appreciated.

Every year we carefully select each charity and in addition we also worked with Ilona Harker from the Rise above the Flood Appeal to raise money in regards to the recent flooding in the Northern Rivers.

We hope you find this overview on all the charities and their success interesting – again, this is all thanks to you.

In alphabetical order – here you go:

All for Villages Thailand


All for Villages Thailand is a non-profit, humanitarian charity based in Thailand, initially set up after the Tsunami in 2004.

This year the charity focused on their project in the remote island of Koh Phayam. The $4000 raised at Bluesfest will go towards teaching the children of the Moken See Gippsy Village (the Moken See Gippys are not looked upon as part of the community and live in isolation) how to read and write.

The money collected at Bluesfest will go a very long way in helping these children of Koh Phayam.

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BeardsON for Conversation Inc.


A big shout out to all the awesome Bluesfest attendees, thanks to your donations we are able to secure the planting of over 5,000 native trees!

Thanks to all the donors, supporters and new champion growers in our upcoming BeardsOn 90 Day Challenge – June 1st to August 31st. Are you in? Come grow something great and help plant more trees in the ground keeping the future green.

Nominate, create a team and sign a male up in the upcoming challenge, go #HalfCut and at the end of the challenge – 31st August and be part of something great.

Want to plant trees? Apply for a grant in your community public green spaces or see our calendar of tree planting party events at

Blues, Roots and Trees!

Yours in Conservation,

BeardsOn Team.

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Byron Youth Service.


Byron Youth Service managed two Breathalyser stalls and also had volunteers for Cringe the Binge - talking to young people about the effects of binge drinking, handing out information, stickers and encouraging people to “look after your brain”.

This year we partnered with Chargespot to charge phones for $10 a charge. We raised $12,331.50 for BYS through phone charging and donations!

Thank you to Bluesfest for giving us this opportunity to raise much-needed funds for our youth programs, which include Events management & Hospitality courses. Working at Bluesfest is a really important part of our annual fundraising program.

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Cancer Council

Every year you will find Cancer Council NSW’s regional team based in Byron Bay supporting Bluesfest with free sunscreen & smiles. “Our local presence ensures we build strong connections to the community, which means we can identify gaps, and target the best opportunities to ensure our work is relevant to the community.” Said Yonit Kittay, Community Programs Coordinator.

“The Far North Coast has some of the highest melanoma rates across Australia, making Bluesfest a great platform to connect with our public and reinforce the importance of sun smart behaviours.” continued Yonit.

This year festival revellers used over 8 litres of sunscreen & donated over $500 towards local Cancer Council NSW services & programs.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


What a great Festival it was, with so many beautiful people doing their utmost to make it happen.

The patrons certainly felt the love and responded generously to the CF Guitar Raffle from all corners of the festival grounds. We are still receiving promised donations, which when complete will be a record amount nearing $57,000.00. How Amazing! Our most successful Guitar Raffle in our past consecutive 21 years at Bluesfest.

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REPPIN Mental Health

Bluesfest was another opportunity that allowed REPPIN to connect with people and share experiences associated with mental health. By starting conversations we are stopping the stigma and letting people know they are not alone and there is help.

With the support of Bluesfest we were able to display forms of therapy such as art and music, but most of all, it gave us the opportunity to meet some amazing people, helping make a positive change. This we will be forever grateful for! :)

We raised a total of $457.50 for Headspace National Youth mental health foundation. We had people share their positive experiences they've had with Headspace and it allowed us to educate people on another organization that they can receive help and support from about mental illnesses.

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The Orangutan Project

This year we signed up over 60 people, either adopting orangutans or as monthly givers – with a total amount of just over $15,000 in yearly donations. Amazing!

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Playing for Change

The Playing For Change Foundation, who create positive change through music and arts education, raised over $30,000 at their charity stall which will have a huge impact on the 14 school programs they run around the world.

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The Thin Green Line

Bluesfest provided us an opportunity to create some awareness with the public and some musicians alike, and to generate some cash. We raised $3000 in one-off donations over the 5 days! And 100% of this will go straight to the ground (as per our foundation policy). To put this into context, this could provide support to two widows and dependants of a killed Ranger, for 1 year.

We also made a small amount through merchandise sales, all of which goes to keep the foundation operating.

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The Uncle Project / Future Dreamers


This year Uncle Project collaborated with Future Dreamers, an inspirational hub in Byron Bay for girls aged 20-25.

We raised $8,000 which is awesome!!! It was a great success – everyone loved the LOVE. Our collaboration went so well and our new position at the North Entry was great. Thank you!

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Northern Rivers Flood Relief


The ‘Rise Above the Flood Appeal’ was a huge success. Volunteers collected money at the entry gates to the Festival and everyone gave! A total of $30,051 (including $10,000 from Artist Patti Smith) was collected at Bluesfest and Ilona Harker, a well-known local personality and the organiser of ‘Rise Above the Flood’ Appeal put her life on hold to raise money in regards to the recent flooding

Here is the heart warming letter she wrote to all of us:

Dear Bluesfest wonder team and Peter Noble,

It's been a big month for us all and usually Bluesfest ends with a big high but this time it was different.

My high having witnessed the way our community rose above and went beyond themselves to give and care in the recent floods, truly showed me how blessed we are to live where we do, yet it was seeing the thousands of visitors who donated that showed me the whole world can be a caring place when given the opportunity, and that's what you gave us and your patrons.

Thank you all dearly from all the Rise Above the Flood team and those who will be receiving the donations.

We still have the gig on the 12th May in Byron and after this will distribute the donations.

I will keep you informed about all we do.

All in all I think we will hit the $50,000 mark.

What a great thing to have happen.

Biggest smiles,

Ilona Harker

Without you, our Festival supporter there would be no Bluesfest, so here is a big toast to you!

We look forward to spending Bluesfest 2018 together with you once again!

Here are some beautiful memories from past years- if you missed our final wrap up 2017 clip, here it is again, but since every Bluesfest is special we added the ones from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013

Enjoy – it’s coming with much love from Byron Bay! We miss you.






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