Its only been a bit over a week since our last Festival and we are reveling in the fondest of fond memories.
26 April 2017
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News: Coming to Bluesfest in 2018?
Pre-early Bird 5 Day Tickets almost Sold Out!
News: Rise Above The Flood Appeal a huge success!

Hollywood celebs Jason Momoa & Patrick Wilson at Bluesfest


It’s only been a bit over a week since our last Festival and we are revelling in the fondest of fond memories. So many of you who came to Bluesfest, as well as the majority of the artists who performed (and some Hollywood celebrities as well) have been saying one thing alike: Yes, there are Music Festivals all over the world, but there is only Bluesfest. It’s special, it’s unique, it’s multi-generational and it’s ours – we share it together.

As for 2018 Pre-Early Bird 5 Day Tickets? They are almost sold out! Scroll down for more info!


2018 Pre-Early Bird 5 Day Tickets Over 85% Sold Out! A Big WOW!


Hands down, we have NEVER seen this kind of response before! The take-up on the 5 Day Pre-Early Bird Tickets, that went on sale just days ago on Monday 24th of April, has been the biggest ever (by a long shot).

If sales continue at the current rate, we estimate that by the LATEST early coming week, from Monday 1st of May, all 5 Day Pre-early Bird Festival Tickets and Buddy Packs will be sold out.

If you want to come for the entire 5 days and enjoy Bluesfest 2018 to its fullest, do get in now, as the opportunity to get Tickets at this price will soon be over!  

5 Day Ticket - $390 only - save up to $270
5 Day Buddy Pack - $1,200 only - save up to $450


Book tickets now!

Rise Above the Flood Appeal – a total of $30,051 collected at Bluesfest!

Ilona Harker, a well-known local personality and the organiser of the ‘Rise Above The Flood’ Appeal, who put her life on hold to raise money in regards to the recent flooding in the Northern Rivers, talks to Justin Brown from Browndog Productions below. 

Volunteers from the charity were invited by us to collect money at the Festival and so many of you gave generously as they entered the Festival. Big Thanks to you!

We announced early in the Festival that headlining artist Patti Smith had kindly donated $10,000 to the local charity organisation working on a ground roots level to help those impacted by the recent flooding. Thank you Patti!

All up $20,051 were raised by the volunteers at Bluesfest plus the $10,000 donated by Patti Smith brings the total to $30,051.07 that will go directly to flood victims in the Northern Rivers.

If you have some minutes to spare have a look at the light hearted conversation between Ilona and Justin from Browndog Productions, who is Bluesfest’s Filming Partner.

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Serious parrot-heads who came all the way from Cincinnati/ USA to see Jimmy Buffett. Good on you guys! 


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