Are you interested in some fascinating Bluesfest history and more?
If that's a yes - here you go!|BLF4626
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Are you interested in some fascinating Bluesfest history and more?
If that's a yes - here you go!

Wishing you well this Anzac Day weekend!

Hello [Name,fallback=Friend],

Whilst this coming Monday, Anzac Day 25th of April is a day of remembrance, we also wish you a long weekend filled with happy moments, may it be together with your family, friends, loved ones or just by yourself.

We hope you enjoy your weekend and this e-card we have put together for you! It's full of entertainment and information. 

Did you know?

When Anzac Day (25th of April) falls on an Easter Monday, as it did at Bluesfest in 2011, the Easter Monday holiday is actually transferred to the Tuesday, not the other way around.

Anzac Day will always be on the 25th of April and is a day of true commemoration!

Lets' wind back the clock to 2011 when Easter & Bluesfest were held so late in the year that Easter Monday became the very famous 6th day of Bluesfest and moved to Tuesday 26th of April!

Not just a 5 day marathon, but a super long 6 day Bluesfest spectacle with massive Headliners on every day! Bob Dylan, the late BB King, Ben Harper, Elvis Costello, Grace Jones to name a few.

Check out the 2011 poster

Yes, Easter was held between Thursday 21st and Tuesday 26th of April in 2011 and with Anzac Day on Monday 25th of April, Bluesfest became a 6 day extravaganza.

The Tuesday turned into a special 6th day with legendary Bob Dylan, the ‘one and only’ Grace Jones and the infamous George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic Band gracing the stages that evening, among many others.

It was another unforgettable Festival, but there will be no Easter long weekend in the near future where Anzac Day will fall on the Easter Monday. The last time this occurred before 2011 was in 1859 and the next time will be in 2095, only a few years away...

Bluesfest 2011 was a 'one of  a kind' 6 day event and we hope you enjoy the clip we have added below, playing the 2011 highlights! 

Only 4 weeks ago!

It’s only been a short 4 weeks since we started celebrating our 27th Bluesfest and it’s all still so fresh in our minds, as we are filled with fond memories of the fantastic days we experienced.

What a blast Bluesfest 2016 has been!

You simply can’t miss the wonderful section which we have put together for you further down, including quotes, clips and posts from Bluesfest, Boomerang and also our sponsor Levis.

It makes for some wonderful reading and watching! Truly does.

As for 5 day Pre-early bird Tickets?

Jump right past this text, if you have your Bluesfest 2017 Five Day experience already secured. But if you have NOT, we CAN’T promise you, that these tickets will still be available after the long weekend!

Everyone loves buying their tickets over a weekend, especially when it is a long one.

Our Pre-early Bird 5 day tickets are sitting at 97.5% sold out right now!

If you want to hop on the next Bluesfest ride in 2017 (April 13 – 17), and be one of the special people who can then say loud and clear: “Yes, I got in early and thank God I did, because I saved a stack of money”, don’t miss your opportunity this weekend.

Click on the link for all the UNBELIEVABLE 5 day Tickets available right now. They are at an amazing low price, but the days are counted.

Ticket Info & Prices

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As for our 2017 artists?

Did you know that our Festival Director Peter Noble is already working on a playing schedule for 2017 that is filling up with artist names every day?

Peter will be off to the US next month, then to Europe to secure a whole lot of our amazing 2017 artists.

Spots will be filled with the ‘Crème de la Crème’ aka the ‘Best of the Best’. ‘Already’ you may ask?

Yes, it can never be too soon to lock in the best artists in the world and as every year, true to Bluesfest tradition, we will start announcing artists from August/September this year!

Don’t stop here!

Enjoy all the quotes, clips and reads to follow. It warms your heart reading, seeing and hearing what our fellow Bluesfest & Boomerang artists & friends have to say.

We truly are one big family!

What our Artists have to say...

What the Media has to say...

“From Kendrick Lamar to Tom Jones, festival still has magic touch” 

“Star-studded Bluesfest a resounding success” 
— KATHY MCCABE, NEWS CORP (Read the full review here)

“This is arguably one of the strongest something-for-everyone bills since Bluesfest started booking more contemporary acts beyond well, the blues.” 

“Bluesfest is the kind of festival that makes you just wonder how each day can top the last” 
— THE MUSIC (Read the full review here)

“Kendrick Lamar Elevates Bluesfest To Wild New Heights” 

“The Best Bluesfest Yet”
“Set on 120 hectares of Byron Bay Tea Tree farmland, one of the world’s most renowned and celebrated festivals is everything Noble promises. It is not just entertainment, it is a musical education.” 

— TONEDEAF (Read the full review here)

“10 reasons why Bluesfest 2016 was the best Bluesfest yet” 
— FASTER LOUDER (Read the full review here)

“Bluesfest celebrated its 27th year this year and did so by presenting its most eclectic line-up, from hip-hop kingpin Kendrick Lamar on the opening night through to pop veterans Brian Wilson and Tom Jones as the closers on Monday. In between came an assortment, old and new, of dynamic and inspired performances, including blues in many forms.” 

Boomerang Festival

This was one mighty festival that is sure to grow and become a beacon of strength for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the landsRead more.

Some great chats here with the Boomerang crowd,
thanks to Bay FM

Boomerang Audio Gallery


Levis at Bluesfest 

Wishing you a wonderful, stress free, weekend ahead.

Thank you for all your loyalty and passion, which we share together to the fullest with you, our fellow Bluesfest lover! 

Before we part, here's a short clip from Bluesfest 2011 Anzac Long Weekend: 

  And of course, if you'd like to immerse yourself in our amazing Bluesfest 2016 clip, here it is: