Great news: the official Bluesfest announcement season has begun!
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Our 2nd BIG announce will be on WED 23 SEP!

3 things you NEED to know:


1. 2nd artist announce date: WEDNESDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER!

2. Ticket prices WILL rise before the 2nd announce - no time to wait!

3. Get ready for not just 1 but 2 to 3 huge artist releases rolling out from next week onwards!

A note from Peter Noble, Festival Director:

right“With our 2nd artist announcement we will be staking our claim to be THE festival to attend in 2016.

We have been saying that this may just be our greatest Bluesfest yet, and not only is it just unfolding for you now, it has plenty on offer for every generation.

Following next week's mighty announcement there will be plenty more to come, with the next announcement scheduled for soon after.

I am so pleased with the artists we have secured for your enjoyment next Easter. Bluesfest truly is the place to be if you are a music lover. It’s going to be huge. Be sure you don’t miss out! Thank you all!

Peter Noble, Festival Director