Many people are surprised to hear that our core team of eighteen work all year on the festival.
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Australia's hardest working festival team – Working year-round to bring you the best ever festival experience!



Many people are surprised to hear that our core team of eighteen work all year on the festival. There is a perception that it all gets thrown together weeks before and everything shuts down on the last day of the festival! But there is much to do – it really is that big a production!

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into producing a festival? We’re happy to share a slither of insight with you today, and hope you enjoy getting to know the team and the festival a bit better.

Also scroll down further to get the latest update from your Festival Director Peter Noble.



Event Manager Brendan and Site Managers Nova & Matty have the important phenomenal task of maintaining and protecting and preparing the festival site all year to ensure the grounds are in the best condition, equipped to handle weather and hundreds of thousands of feet stomping away to their favourite music and trekking from one end of the site to the other on their own festival adventures!

We have located the areas that needed further weather proofing after this years’ festival and addressed them already! All fixed! We continuously work on improving the site as we learn more about it after every festival. We want you to have the most amazing, as well as comfortable Bluesfest experience.



Your busy Bluesfest elves are deep in the throes of every component required to bring the big event to fruition.

Travel & Accommodation is being booked, Contracts are being refined and signed, Accounts are keeping the electricity on and our suppliers happy, the Marketing team is having fun coming up with ideas to keep things interesting, and the mega-stars in Touring are booking talent and routing over 30 INCREDIBLE Australian tours!

Make sure you check out the Touring website to be the first to find out who will be coming to your home town during Bluesfest season.

Bluesfest Touring Website



Sue, Jess & Andre make up our incredible Ticketing team, whom remain the frontline of all patron relations: providing you with the best customer service offered by a festival.

Dedicated to delivering exceptional, accessible and personable customer service, we are the only major Australian festival to have a physical shop front open all year.

You can call in and say G’day anytime during office hours and our friendly, knowledgeable team will assist you with any enquiry you have – and you can try on all that cool merch you’ve been eyeing off on-line whilst you’re here!

Bluesfest Online Shop



Is The Man, Mr Peter Noble, literally trekking the globe on a musical expedition to source the best international artists for his beloved Bluesfest audience. Currently in London visiting agents, he has sent this message through to you:

Greetings from London y’all.

“Myself and the team KNOW, you can’t wait to find out who else is going to be appearing on our Bluesfest stages next Easter and you may wonder why we can't just churn our announcements out at the ‘drop of a hat’ so to speak. So, with our next artist announcement imminent, I thought I would give you a little insight into the process of delivering the artists that make Bluesfest your festival of choice.

Firstly Bluesfest tours approximately 30 different artists every year who come and play one or two shows at our wonderful festival. Each one of these artists, apart from those playing exclusively such as The National, Joe Bonamassa and UB40 featuring Ali Campbell, Mickey Virtue and Astro, want to do a tour of Australia, as well as New Zealand, in many cases.


We promote around 130 shows on average around Bluesfest yearly and we are committed to taking our artists as far as they want to go - so you will find them not only performing in Sydney and Melbourne, but regularly doing shows in Cairns, Darwin, Hobart - and many other areas as well.

Each of these tours takes time to book in a way where they will work out well for all involved.

We need to route the artists in a manner where they will not be fatigued by the travel in a country as large as Australia, and to make sure their technical needs in sound systems and their music equipment is provided to their standards.

We also need to be confident that the venues and festivals our touring artists perform at will, present shows that we believe will succeed - and that everyone, especially the ticket buying public, will be pleased with.

This takes time to get right, so please keep hanging in there with us, so we can bring to you the finest artists possible to Bluesfest each year.


Of course we also buy talent from Australia's largest promoters - and in one case last week, when I queried with one of these promoters about when one of our headliners will confirm, I was told that the manager said - "Well, my artist has been doing this for around 50 years, so I'm sure he will get around to it soon, but, don't tell me to tell him when - wait - it WILL happen". That's the sort of thing we deal with on a daily basis - in our quest to get our artists confirmed, and announced.

So, whilst I continue to move forward toward to our next announcement, as well as going over the fine print on a few tours, I have no doubt you will be very pleased with the result.

This really is looking like one of our banner years.

Thank you for believing!”

Peter Noble – Festival Director

Artists announced so far 


Soon applications for all things activation will commence including food and market stalls, volunteers and festival staff, The Busking Competition, and much more. Then our Drivers will commence their mammoth logistical planning, the production team plugs in and before you know it Bluesfest 2016 will be ON!!!

It’s a huge job, hard work and a profound privilege for all of us to contribute our part to bring this wonderful event to you.

We are partners in this: Bluesfest crew, and you. We can’t make it happen without each other!

We’ll keep chipping away at this end – you keep planning your Easter trip & lock in what tickets you want – and stay tuned for the next artist announcement: just around the corner!

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Just got your tax back? What better way to treat yourself than to grab a discounted Bluesfest ticket?!

With the 2nd mighty artist announcement getting closer each day, tickets will see further price increases and will not be available at the current rate much longer. For all those who have not got your tickets yet (especially the 5 and 3 day tickets), get in now to secure yourself your 2016 Bluesfest experience and look forward to all the amazing artists announcements yet to come!

We will be delivering you a world class line up, that’s for sure – and for that reason, we cannot keep selling tickets at a discounted price!

Check out all your ticket options, including ‘Time to Pay’ options here.

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As many of you know, last week we made the exciting announcement that Boomerang Festival will be featured at Bluesfest next year; it requires ongoing support.

We will be launching a Crowd Funding campaign shortly, and encourage you to check it out, spread the word, and support it anyway you can. The beautiful Boomerang program will also be announced soon! Sign up for updates here. And join the conversation on facebook.

Boomerang Festival Facebook Page