And find out what our Festival Director does once the Festival has finished!
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Can you believe that is was only three weeks ago we were enjoying the last day of the festival?!

If you know you are coming to Bluesfest 2016 (and how could you not!) then it is time to grab yourself a bargain before the Pre-early bird tickets sell out.


Pre-early bird tickets for 2016 are selling like hotcakes, see below for the hottest sellers! 

Also read on further to find out more about what your Festival Director Peter Noble has been up to post festival and his plans for 2016! 

AND for those of you who missed out on the Max TV Bluesfest special last week, make sure you keep reading ahead! 

// Sellers//

The following are the tickets you really need to keep an eye on right now as they are on their way to sell-out at the early- bird price! 

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Please note that all 5 day tickets are on sale now!! Packages, Camping, VIP's, Tent Motels, Tipis, Extra large vehicle sites & more!  They are all up for grabs and the savings are so substantial that these tickets will not be available for much longer at this low price!

REMEMBER: 5 day tickets are the best way to enjoy all that Bluesfest has to offer! The next Bluesfest is early next year: Thursday 24 March to Monday 28 March 2016 and we all know that time flies!


Watch The Max TV Bluesfest Special Here!


Did you miss the Max TV Bluesfest special which aired last week?

Not to worry, our friends at Max TV have put it online for our viewing pleasure! Enjoy!


A few words from Festival Director Peter Noble

Do you ever wonder what a Festival Director (and his Festival team) does after the Festival has happened? Do they lay by a beach with a cocktail in his/their hand? Well, that’s far from it, it’s quite the opposite.

If you are interested, please read on what Peter Noble has to say:

I hope that all you wonderful people who came to Bluesfest, had an amazing time. Thank you once again for coming! What a year it was! It all happens way too quickly, agree?

Once the Festival is over, and after an all too short rest for a couple of days, it is time to get straight back into it, as we still have two weeks of loading out all the massive festival gear to occur.


We have had five years with little or no rain since we moved to our site at Tyagarah. This year, with our sixth event there, we had what we would call a medium weather event. It has showed us we need to do more weatherproofing, and those works have already begun. Our focus is in the camping areas and Crossroads stage area. You will see real improvements there when you come next year.

Straight after Bluesfest, dozens of shows are still happening by our touring artists we present! Debriefs from every management area start occurring of how things went and also addressing your valuable feedback during/post festival.

At the office hundreds and hundreds of staff get paid, plus all the bills. We supply media with press releases and photos about the festival to talk about Bluesfest all over the world. We have been covered in a big way by Billboard Magazine in the US for this year’s festival as well as Pollstar Magazine and these are the major music industry magazines.

I write scores of thank you emails in response to all those artists and managers who have written about their artist's performances (sorry to all those I am yet to answer - your reply IS coming) AND, we start booking the next festival immediately.


The list of artists for next year is indicating it is going to be a classic Bluesfest in 2016. We have well over 150 artists on offer to come and play, and although I know by experience, they all don't end up coming in the end, we must choose the best of them we can and it is looking like it is going to be a classic. I can't wait for the FIRST 2016 artist announcement.

I would like to share with you that I am toying with a couple of ideas. One is doing a headliner performance at 5pm daily, so our families, which are such an important part of Bluesfest, can get to see genuine 100% headliners before their young ones get tired and they need to take them home.

Another idea is to present, say 20 artists, who have either never toured Australia, or if Australian never played Bluesfest before, or not for many years next year. A large amount of these will be contemporary artists, who went so well this year. However, we will not be forgetting the artists who have had longer careers, and I am in discussions with a number who will be coming in 2016 including a couple of genuine legends who can easily sell out arenas.


We are looking for our first artist announcement to be much earlier than ever before this year, to tie in with an early Easter 2016 - Bluesfest is March 24-28. 

So here's a heads up, if you want to take advantage of our Pre-Early Bird & Early Bird ticket prices, they are going to be on sale for a MUCH shorter period this year. If you intend to come for the 5 days next year, the time to buy is now for the best price.

I leave later this week to go to Canadian Music Week in Toronto, then travel around the region having meetings and a short break, before travelling on to London to book more artists for next year. I know, I know, it's truly boring having to go to all those truly wonderful places, BUT, someone has to get to do it.

Thank you for attending Bluesfest 2015, it truly was one of our great years.We all loved presenting the festival, and continue to be uplifted by your support. I know that every year we need to deliver, and will never take you for granted.

I feel invigorated and full of ideas for Bluesfest 2016. Yes, you might even say inspired.

With my gratitude,

Peter Noble
Festival Director