Please let us give you a few guidelines to ensure you have the best Bluesfest experience ever!
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Essential Information For 2015 Ticket Holders

Bluesfest is in 2 days! Your Must Read Guide!

Dear [Name,fallback=Friend],

Please let us give you a few guidelines to ensure you have the best Bluesfest experience ever!

We are close to completing the Festival set up and the Bluesfest site is looking truly amazing. Take a look below at pictures taken only a few days ago!

Important Ticket update:

If you have NOT got your tickets sorted yet and are reading this email, we strongly recommend that you buy them now. In particular Friday and Saturday of the festival are close to selling out with the Sunday close behind.  It's all happening!

You don't want to find yourself at Bluesfest on the Friday and / or Saturday with a 'sold out sign' denying you entry.

Any tickets that are still available during the Festival will increase in price from Day 1 of Bluesfest - Thursday 2nd of April after 10am. Tickets area available on-line and at the gate.

Book festival tickets now!

Travel & Entry

Event Map (click to open)

Site Map (click to open)

The Festival is located at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm on Lot 103-105 on the Pacific Highway. Bluesfest is located 4-5 kilometres north of the Byron Bay exit and approx. 3-4 kilometres south of the Brunswick Heads turn off.

To make your entry to the Festival as easy and relaxed as possible, please make sure you have YOUR (E) TICKETS and ID ready for scanning by the Festival gate staff as you arrive at the Festival Entry.

Please follow the directions by our Traffic Control staff & traffic signs at all times to ensure smooth sailing into the Festival. Thank you!


North & South Gate for DAY parking:

If you are arriving by car please follow the signs, as well as the Bluesfest traffic team to direct you to the car parks!
Traffic from the north will come off the exit straight before the Festival and will be directed to park in the northern car park. Traffic from the south will be directed to the southern car park.

Camper's entry:

If you are camping you will be directed to the south gate, no matter if you arrive from the north or the south. If you come on the bus or taxi you will also be dropped off at the south gate. Important message: Strict searches of cars will occur before entry to Festival. Alcohol and glass will be confiscated. Take the hint everyone and leave alcohol and glass at home.

Travelling by Car:

Travelling from both directions on the Pacific Highway, there will be Festival signs advising of the off-ramp approaching. If you are coming from the south (i.e. Byron Bay or Ballina) you will be directed off the highway at Gulgan Road / Mullumbimby exit and will be driving across the overpass into the Festival.

If you are coming from the north (Gold Coast/Brisbane) you will be directed to turn left at the off ramp which is leading straight into Bluesfest. Please follow signs and instructions of Traffic management team to enjoy smooth sailing into Bluesfest.


Bus Services

The buses are a cheaper and more efficient option for you - please consider leaving the car behind and catching the Bluesfest bus!

Shuttle buses will be in full operation from Thurs 2nd of April and run between 10am and 12.30am approximately every 20 minutes to and from the Festival and Byron Bay.


There will also be an extra service on Wednesday 1st of April and for campers. For all the latest information on bus times & stops servicing Byron Bay, Lennox Head and Ballina areas, phone Blanches on (02) 6686 2144 or visit

For information on bus time & stops servicing Mullumbimby / Bangalow / Brunswick Heads / Billinudgel / Ocean Shores phone (02) 6680 1566 or visit the Brunswick Valley Coaches website .


Free car parking will be available on site. Disabled parking is available for vehicles that have Government parking permits. Please take note of speed limits and wildlife onsite!!! Drive Safely!

Please DO NOT park in the local road network around the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, which is the Bluesfest site.

Council Parking Rangers will be on patrol throughout the weekend. Please respect all the "No Stopping" signs.

Exit  (especially after the Festival finishes)

Please respect the local residents, the environment and our town when leaving the festival.

Please note: We have worked on delays getting out of the car park, which a number of drivers experienced during the first few nights of Bluesfest 2014. The truth is, if the vast majority of people leave at the same time – there are going to be delays.

We expect to clear our car parks within 1 hour at the end of the night!  It is not possible, with everyone leaving at the same time, to get all of you out quicker.  Sure – a very large number of drivers will get out in 20 minutes or less.

However, should you wish to see the closing artists (which most of you will do - understandably) please consider taking public transport, or waiting on site a little bit longer.

Busses always have priority in leaving our site. Please bear with us whilst we attempt to have very large numbers of vehicles exit as quickly as humanly possible, respect our hard working traffic wardens, traffic control and the police, and we will do our utmost to get you out and on the road as quickly as humanly achievable!

Gate Times

The Bluesfest Ticket Sales Box opens at 10am daily. To validate your entry ticket to the Festival you must arrive by 10pm on the first day (as stated on your ticket). You can pick up your pre-paid tickets from the Pre-Paid Pick-Up window in the Ticket Sales Box. We will be starting wrist banding from10am on Thursday. Please note, if you are a 5 day camper, you may arrive on Wednesday 1st of April from 10:30am.

Day Gates Open Festival Close
Thursday 2nd of April 2pm Midnight
Friday 3rd of April 11am Midnight
Saturday 4th of April 11am Midnight
Sunday 5th of April 11am Midnight
Monday 6th of April 11am Midnight

Do's & Don'ts


Bring with you

Your ticket (e-ticket or normal/hard ticket). If you have an e-ticket, make sure you bring the proper ticket. Your receipt that is emailed to you, is not the e-ticket. The e-ticket has to be downloaded through the members area of our website. Please log on to, click on the members link and log on for your tickets.

  • Photo I.D
  • Enough cash to get you through the day (there will be several ATM's on site).
  • Protection from the elements (hat, sunscreen, raincoat, something warm for when it gets dark, gumboots are a great idea when it has been raining)
  • Mosquito Repellent


Leave at home

  • Alcohol - it will be confiscated on entry to the Festival
  • Illicit substances - Drug Detection Dogs will be present at the festival
  • Glass
  • IPAD's for recording
  • Unsealed bottles
  • Video or audio recorders
  • Umbrellas
  • Animals

Event Info



There will be 5 undercover stages plus one busking stage. The 2 largest stages are the Mojo & Crossroads, which are of equal size this year, followed by the Jambalaya, Delta and Juke Joint stages. In short: there are an abundance of undercover stages to choose from, as well as the coffee tent and food court, plus plenty of room to chill out in front of the outdoor screens at Mojo and Crossroads.


If you are camping at Bluesfest you will be coming through the south gate. As a camper you will be wrist-banded for both Festival and Camping at the same time.


Reminder: If you are staying in a Tent Motel or Rainbow Tipi you will need to bring your own bedding (sheet/pillow/sleeping bag or blanket) with you. These will not be supplied.

General Store: 'Campers Cafe'

The  Campers Cafe (previously known as Bluesfest General Store) with basic supplies is located in Camp Zone 4. To all Bluesfest Campers: Save yourself a trip to town, as everything from milk and bread to mosquito repellent (as well as a great coffee and delicious meals) will be available. Opening Hours: Wed 10am -10pm Thurs to Mon 6:00am-11am.


Treat it like gold! If lost, it's not replaceable. Your wristband is non-transferable and once removed will become invalid. Your wristband acts as your passout.



We know all our patrons are young at heart; however, patrons under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children under 6 are free, and those between 6-14 years must have a child's ticket. Alcohol will only be sold to patrons 18 and over who can show valid 18+ photo ID.


As Bluesfest is a 5 day event, you are welcome to come in and out of the festival. Your wristband acts as your passout.

Alcohol & Tobacco


Bluesfest is a fully licenced event! There are a 5 bars including 1 VIP bar serving a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. A bar ticket system will be operating. You will need to purchase drink tickets and exchange them for drinks at the bar BUT listen out: A brand new bar is being introduced which you will not need drink tickets for! For the first time you will be able to buy a selection of top quality poured spirit drinks, vintage sparkling wine, cider and craft beer on tap, all at the 'Garden Bar' and straight over the counter.

Bluesfest promotes responsible consumption of alcohol. Please drink responsibly. Be wise and take a bus to and from the Festival. Please respect the good order of the neighbourhood and minimise noise when coming to and leaving the Festival.

Smoking areas

As a result of smoking laws in NSW, cigarettes will not be sold inside the Festival and you must refrain from smoking inside the tents. Please dispose of your cigarette butts thoroughly in the bins provided. Smoking is now illegal within the tents!


Info & safety

We have an Information Stall on site to help you with any questions you may have (you can also grab a copy of the pocket playing schedule program while you are there!) Check out the map for the info stall location. Also check out the map for First Aid tent locations. Our onsite safety hotline: 0402 690 004 this number is also printed on your wristband.


Food Stalls

This year Bluesfest is tastier than ever with Charlies Juices, Grill'd Burger Park and Guzman y Gomez joining the long term favourites. Bluesfest will showcase over 50 food outlets offering a delicious range of fresh meals and snacks foods from South American to Portuguese, Middle Eastern or Indian, a good old Aussie Burger, crepes or corn on the cob. Your taste buds will be satisfied wherever you go on this amazing festival site.

Market Stalls


The Jambalaya area will be the highlight for those with the shopping blues, with over 50 market stalls displaying clothing and jewellery designs, hemp products, rainbow flags, artworks, bags, silk clothing, hats and many beautiful items from all over the world. Keep an eye out for the original locally made designs.

Charity Stalls

Bluesfest also has a number of charity stalls onsite - please dig deep to support them! The Cystic Fibrosis Charity is Bluesfest's biggest & longest standing charity organisation. The below picture from 2014 shows that special moment where the 3 winners of  Gibson Guitars are drawn on the Monday evening of the Festival.


Should you need any assistance whilst onsite, make yourself known at the Volunteer HQ at the south entry gate, where you can have access to Bluesfest's disability services.

Tickets for the 2016 Bluesfest available at the Festival! Save $$$!


The 2016 Festival will be held over the Easter Long Weekend Thu 24th - Mon 28th of March.

Are you thinking of coming back to Bluesfest in 2016 and want to save close to 50% of your Ticket???

It's the best value for money and these tickets sell very fast!


We are always planning ahead for our future festivals and some amazing artists have already expressed their interest in performing for 2016. At the Festival, we are giving you an opportunity to purchase your 5 day tickets and/or Buddy Packages to the 27th Bluesfest in 2016

2016 Pre Early Bird 5 day: $360 only
2016 Buddy Package (5 day Festival and Camping for 2): $1,150 for 2 people!

Green Initiatives


Refuse, Reuse, Reduce and Recycle is the Bluesfest message that has won us many green awards!!


In 2016 we will continue our green campaign from 100% recyclable packaging used by stalls and suppliers, to the massive recycling production onsite, we are proud of our achievements and are always working on improving our recycling initiatives.

Bluesfest invites you to consider the environment and together we can decrease the volume of waste that ends up in landfill, by using the effective bin systems throughout the site.

Ring pulls

Last year we noticed a significant amount of aluminium ring-pulls from beer cans discarded on the ground after the festival. Please do not detach ring pulls from your cans.

Most people live with a domestic recycling program in their home town. The same ideals and principles apply to the Bluesfest. A clean festival is a safe and fun festival!

Remember to "Green the Blues"!

Other info

Drink Responsibly

There are a total of 5 bars (including 1 VIP bar) at Bluesfest, serving a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. A bar ticket system will be operating. You will need to purchase drink tickets and exchange them for drinks at the bar (apart from the new Garden Bar, as well as the VIP Bar, where no drink tickets are needed).

Bluesfest promotes responsible consumption of alcohol. Please be aware to drink responsibly. Be wise and take a bus to and from the festival. Please respect the good order of the neighbourhood and minimise noise when arriving at and leaving the festival.


Grab your iconic Bluesfest merch between the hrs of 12pm - 12am. Shirts, caps and all the rest! Don't forget to purchase your 2016 presale tickets from here too!!


NO SMOKING inside Festival tents. It is now illegal!!! Please respect the comfort of others. Thank you for your co-operation.

Telstra connects Byron Bay Bluesfest with exciting new Wi-Fi trial !!

Telstra and Bluesfest 2015 are joining forces to trial new mobile wi-fi equipment to help overcome the problem of connectivity at a large event.

Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for North Coast, Mike Marom said:

“We want customers to have greater options for connecting when they're out and about. In addition to building public hotspots as part of our Wi-Fi trial, we are testing the use of portable Wi-Fi hotspots which provides free Wi-Fi to any user. This will allow users to browse the web, stream videos or share photos with friends,”

Bluesfest Festival Director Peter Noble said: “Connectivity has always been a stumbling block at events such as Bluesfest, and it’s good to know Telstra are really trying to overcome this problem. It’s an exciting development and Bluesfest is proud to be part of this pioneering project.”

Telstra will be providing three mobile hot spots within the Bluesfest site and, although a trial, this should result in music lovers having even more ways to stay connected with Telstra providing free Wi-Fi and improved mobile coverage through a Cell on Wheels (CoW).

For the first time, the CoW will be used to provide free Wi-Fi to festival goers, with three hotspots to be placed within the festival arena. The hotspots are part of trial to see how Telstra can provide an effective Wi-Fi solution to large scale events.

While the additional services will assist in managing demand, the increase of users to the areas may lead to slower than expected data at peak times. “If data is slower than expected I’d encourage our customers to wait a few minutes and try again. Just as the bars and music tents experience a heavier demand at times, so too does the mobile network.”

How to connect to Telstra Free Wi-Fi

  • Any Wi-Fi enabled device will be able to access the free Wi-Fi network.
  • Each session last 30 mins however there is no limit to the number of sessions a user can log into.
  • Once in range of a hotspot, find Free_Telstra_WiFi
  • Accept T&Cs and begin using the free Wi-Fi