It’s the hottest Single Day Ticket Pre-Sale ever seen in Bluesfest history! Promo code required!
14 July 2014
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Single Day Ticket Pre-sale on now! Pick your day later and save!

It’s the hottest SINGLE DAY TICKET PRE-SALE ever seen in Bluesfest history!


Buy your single day ticket at a super discounted price NOW and leave the day you wish to go to Bluesfest OPEN!

What started as a Bluesfest 'Members Only' sale using the promo code OPENDAY to access tickets, has become public. The code has been released on our social media sites, so it's now open for everyone but be quick. Not many tickets left! To become a Bluesfest member click here!

The open single day ticket is a win-win! Not only are you saving precious dollars, you don't need to decide what day you are going right up until the festival! 

That's right, you can wait until we have done all of our artist announcements, avoid the price rises and pick the perfect day for you when you are ready! After all, there will be five glorious Bluesfest days to pick from:Thu 2nd, Fri 3rd, Sat 4th, Sun 5th or Mon 6th of April - your 2015 Easter weekend Bluesfest extravaganza!

$129 only – save at least $70 off full price!


This offer is one of a kind! 

Once single day tickets go on sale officially with the first artist announcement they will be at a much higher price & you will HAVE to select the exact day you are going.
Right now, for a very short time you have the chance to buy your single day ticket to Bluesfest 2015 without having to select the day you are going. No joke! You can decide which day you wish to go to Bluesfest once all artists have been announced or wait as long as the actual day at Bluesfest - how good is that! Just rock up to Bluesfest with your ticket on your day of choice!
Log on to your Bluesfest members area and enter Promo code OPENDAY to unveil these superhot tickets.
These tickets are exclusive to Bluesfest members only! Log in here to become a member. It’s easy to do and of course it’s free! There are only very limited tickets available at this discounted price!
This sure is one marvellous sale in the lead up to Bluesfest’s first artist announcement soon. True to Bluesfest tradition, artist announcements will be rolling out in no time with some gobsmacking headlining names topping the bill.
This is a one off chance to secure your OPEN single day ticket & save a lot of money!

Terms & Conditions for the Pre-sale 'OPENDAY' Ticket:


  1. Available to members only!  If you are not a member yet, it’s so easy to become on. Click here to join and purchase your tickets!
  2. Log on to Bluesfest members area and enter promo code OPENDAY to unveil the tickets!
  3. These tickets are not available on ‘Time to Pay’. Please do not select the 'Time to Pay' option as your tickets will NOT be valid.
  4. Your single day ticket will be called ‘Open Single Day Festival Adult’ and you are not required to pick a day!
  5. right

  6. A limit of 6 tickets per member only!
  7. Once this sale has finished single day tickets will be taken off sale and will become available again after the first artist announcement. The ticket will then cost more and you will have to pick the day!

At Bluesfest we are so excited about this sale, as we simply revel in giving our members first choice at the best & hottest tickets available. Sorry, but we can only offer a very limited amount of tickets at this price!

Go for it and Enjoy!

Book tickets now!


Your friendly Bluesfest Team, who are always happy to take your call on:

(02) 6639 9800

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