Time: 9.30pm – Monday 23rd of June! Reason: First of Two RocKwiz Bluesfest 2014 Special Where: On SBS ONE Television
20 June 2014
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What a great night!

We can't wait for the First 2014 Bluesfest RocKwiz Special!


9.30pm – Monday 23rd of June!


RocKwiz Bluesfest 2014 Special


On SBS ONE Television


The SBS channel has been running hot with mesmerizing World Cup soccer matches, that’s for sure!

Today, this Monday 23rd of June, SBS is going to offer something unique in addition to the soccer: it’s the RocKwiz at Bluesfest 2014 Special. Are you ready to get together as one big Bluesfest Family to rejoice in the First of Two 2014 Bluesfest RocKwiz Specials showing on SBS at 9.30pm? We sure are and please know: both upcoming specials will be completely different from each other!


The second special will be shown the following week Monday 30th of June at 9.30pm - SBS ONE!

The first special will also be repeated on SBS TWO at 8.30pm this Saturday 28th of June.


If you were at Bluesfest this year you may find yourself in the RocKwiz crowd, if you were not, get to experience how the Bluesfest Jambalaya Stage is transformed into a fun and frivolous music quiz show. There are a stack of brilliant performances from Bluesfest artists.


Peter Noble, Festival Director adds:


Having RocKwiz as an integral part of Bluesfest for 3 of our past 4 years has been a Bluesfest highlight.

Last year’s RocKwiz Bluesfest special featured Allen Stone, Russell Morris, Saskwatch, Tex Perkins, Trombone Shorty and more.


This year we are tickled BLUE to announce that this Monday on SBS TV at 9.30pm (YES - THAT’S TONIGHT) the RocKwiz Bluesfest Special will be featured.

AND it’s a Beauty – we are sworn to secrecy about who is on it – however if you take a look at the RocKwiz Facebook site and the pictures on this ecard – there are more than a few clues.


The show does not stop here: The following Monday (30th of June) marks the RocKwiz final show for the season – and it’s a 25th Bluesfest anniversary RocKwiz documentary presented by Henry Wagons – from that seminal band Wagons.

If you want to (re)experience Bluesfest 25 – please tune in and let's watch together!

Bluesfest Ticket update:


Last year’s Bluesfest RocKwiz Special resulted in Bluesfest Ticket sales sky rocketing!

No doubt this year will be the same.

Right now you can still get yourself a bargain ticket to Bluesfest 2015.

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For now:

Have a great @ Bluesfest night everyone!

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