Ticket prices on the rise again as sales are booming!
10 June 2014
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Yes. IT'S happening again – ooohhhh so soon! Another Bluesfest sale is coming to an end shortly!

Ticket prices are on the rise again as sales are booming!

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We hope you enjoyed your long weekend as much as we did. Time is flying and Bluesfest is only 9 (and a bit) months away! 2015 Artist selections are running hot...AND Life is Beautiful!

How are these for Bluesfest facts?


Did you know that more women than men come to Bluesfest? It’s the home of the goddesses (says the author of this email, who is a female).

Did you know 87% of the people who came in 2014 voted the overall Bluesfest experience from 8-10 with the number 10 representing a fantastic experience? That’s a great result, thank you! We will never stop working on creating an even better Bluesfest each year!

Bluesfest 2014 was the certainly the biggest yet, 2013 followed close behind and one thing for sure: We are now rocking and rolling into 2015 fast.

Preparations for our first Artist Announcement are in full swing, it’s exciting seeing it all come together and one of the hardest things is staying quiet about it.

Ticket Alert:


If you already have your tickets to Bluesfest 2015, then you can sit back and enjoy the read or scroll down to the end and enjoy browsing through some of the great comments on Bluesfest 2014 (we can’t get enough…sorry).

If you have not purchased your tickets please KNOW that:

You really are missing out on the Bluesfest Ticket Sale of the year! It’s one mad sale, that’s for sure.
The 3 Day Ticket Super Special has only been running for over a week but is having an overwhelming response. Those tickets are now over 90% sold out. 3 Day Tickets are at the lowest prices they have been in years. Right now it’s only $285 for a 3 day Adult ticket (it will go up $520)
All discounted 5 and 3 Day Tickets prices have an expiry date and it’s just around the corner. We can’t keep selling tickets at this low price, and deliver the line-up you rightfully expect. Book your tickets and accommodation now!
The 5 Day Ticket still remains the best bargain and always will be. Only $89 per day right now! 
Buy together and SAVE - Four Packs add an extra discount (up to $80)!
Buddy Packages are now available for 3 day ticket holders as well as 5 day and they are very popular!
Price increases are happening a lot quicker as the festival is sooner and selling out a lot quicker!

Facebook Competition - Win a VIP Upgrade!

We have a great FB competition happening right now! Click the link to find out more on how you can win a VIP Upgrade prize pack for two people.

Enter the FB Competition here!

Special 2015 Festival Ticket prices

5 Day Festival $445 Only $89 per day! $495
5 Day Buddy Package * $1,330 Buy as package and save $80! Hugely popular. $1,430
5 Day Festival Four Pack $1,700 Purchase 4 Adult tickets at $425 each only. $1,900
3 Day Festival $285 HURRY - selling out at this low price! $345
3 Day Buddy Package ** $840 Buy as package and save $60 on top! $960
3 Day Four Pack $1,080 Purchase 4 Adult tickets at $270 each only $1,320
SEASON Camping $260 Bluesfest camping is limited! $280
3 Day Camping $165 Bluesfest camping is limited! $180
5 Day VIP $350 Still available at this price but selling fast! $390
3 Day VIP $210 Still available at this price but selling fast! $260

*Buddy Package: 2 people including Festival & Camping for the entire Festival! 5 days and 6 nights!
* * Buddy Package: 2 people including Festival & Camping for 3 days and 3 nights! 

Please check out all the ticket prices through this link!

Festival Ticket Prices

Some cool Bluesfest 2014 quotes:


We love these comments from patrons, artists and media alike and can’t stop sharing them with you:

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For some viewing and lots of compliments to the Bluesfest crowd by the artists – check out this link which has a lot more than just one interview, there are 30!

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