Did you drink one of the 40,000 coffees or eat one of the 20,000 donuts or 14,000 Yum Cha pieces consumed during the festival?
2 May 2014
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Fascinating Facts From Bluesfest 2014!

Pre-early bird tickets on sale now!

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Did you drink one of the 40,000 coffees or eat one of the 20,000 donuts or 14,000 Yum Cha pieces consumed during the festival? Perhaps you used some of the 15 litres of sunscreen handed out by the Cancer Council over the five sun filled days?

If you purchased a raffle ticket to the Cystic Fibrosis Gibson Guitar raffle you may like to know your contribution is part of the highest amount ever raised at the festival by the charity and Bluesfest has now become the highest annual fundraising contributor in Australia to Cystic Fibrosis!


If you are one of the 6000 people who have purchased their pre-early bird tickets to our 26thAnnual Bluesfest to be held on the 2nd April - 6th April 2015. Congratulations!

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//ecards.showticks.com/bluesfest/BLF2263/images/fire.png 5 Day Festival Vip: $300 - save at least $120 off full price

*5 day festival and camping for 2 adults
** 6-14 years inclusive


Ticket Type Price
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*** In addition to your 5 day festival and 5 day camping ticket

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Some Comments On Bluesfest 2014 From Media, Artists & Bluesfest Members:


“The greatest music festival on earth”
Sunday Night Program, Channel 7
Watch Channel 7's coverage on Bluesfest 2014 here watched by over 1 million people!

“…hands down it is the best run festival (and best festival) in Australia.”
MTV Australia & NZ

“Magical. That is the only way to describe the 25th Annual Bluesfest.”
Scene Magazine

“One of the best parts of it was to be out there playing for an audience that in the front row you see people who are from 70, 60, 50, 40, 30 all the way down to seven year olds & infants in arms…”
Michael Franti via Sunday Night, Channel 7

“I've been hearing about Bluesfest for years, quite a legend. It's right up there with Glastonbury and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.”
Boz Scaggs via ABC

“I was in heaven on earth for the time I was there!!! Definitely will return for the 5 days next time.”
Tammy – first time Bluesfest attendee

“Thank you again for bringing us such an incredible festival that we won't forget! Looking forward to next year already.”
Rachelle, Attendee of Bluesfest 2014.

Before we move full steam ahead into Bluesfest 2015, we would like to share with you some of the ingredients that made Bluesfest’s Silver jubilee such a success.

Festival & Touring Facts


  • 2014 Festival attendances totaled 104,526 over five days.
  • 5660 Happy Campers setup their home away from home on the Bluesfest campgrounds.
  • 109 bands performed across the seven stages over five days.
  • Bluesfest Touring had 39 bands on the road pre, during and post Bluesfest, a total of 83 shows, 121 performances with attendances totaling 47,347.
  • 1585 rooms were booked locally for Bluesfest artists and 1574 rooms for Touring artists.
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  • 6000+ pre-early bird tickets have already been sold for Bluesfest 2015
  • 1054 workers and 500 volunteers contributed to festival set-up, operations and de-construction.
  • 2038 Surveys were completed by festival attendees.
  • The 2014 Bluesfest Busking Comp now in its 11th year was won by Eddie Boyd & The Phatapillers ; a trio of mountain men (Sydney Mountain men to be precise) and local teenage boys Craig (3 Members) took out the Grommet category.
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  • Zero incidents were reported with our resident koala's who were monitored by University of Queensland during the festival.
  • The Hon Tony Burke ,The Hon Anthony Albanese, The Hon Don Page, Councillor Sol Ibrahim, Minister Robyn Parker, Former Treasurer Wayne Swan and Former member Janelle Saffin were just some of the dignitaries who attended the festival.
  • Bluesfest 2014 was a year of many hats and not just in the crowd, Buddy Guy, Elvis Costello, Erykah Badu, Suzanne Vega, Gary Clark Jr, Michael Franti, Dr John, Foy Vance and Kate Miller- Heidke are just some of the artists that wore a hat of some description on stage.

Food For Thought


  • 40,000 + coffees were consumed by Bluesfest patrons over the five days and 1200 coffees fuelled the 109 bands.
  • Festival goers were hungry; just some examples of totals consumed from individual stalls included 1400kg Noodles, 1 tonne of meat, 350kg of lettuce, 3500 Boiled eggs not to mention 20,000 + donuts and the 14,000 Yum Cha pieces consumed over the five days.
  • 1844 meals were served to Artists over the five days of the festival and 4284 meals to festival crew over seven days.
  • All green waste from the festival was given to a local pig farmer

Charity Highlights

  • Bluesfest has become the highest annual fundraising contributor in Australia to Cystic Fibrosis after fundraising reached a record of $55,000 this year, bringing the total Cystic Fibrosis Fundraising to date $374,000. A total of 825 hours was worked by the Cystic Fibrosis team of dedicated volunteers during the festival.
  • 6000 people were breathalysed by the Byron Youth Service
  • It is no surprise five more litres of sunscreen than last year was handed out by the Cancer Council team over the five sunny days, a total of 15 litres of sunscreen.
  • 2014 Charity Stalls included: Australian Seabird Rescue, Bay FM, Byron Youth Service, Cancer Council, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Playing For Change, The Uncle Project, Westpac Lifesaver Rescue.

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Watch The Bluesfest 2014 Clip Here!

Here is a special treat to all of you who went to the 25th Anniversary or for those who want to see what they missed out on!

Enjoy this sneak peek into Bluesfest 2014 including behind the scenes interviews:

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