Only 22 Days to go – A fun & informative Bluesfest Must-Read!
24 March 2014
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Only 22 Days to go! A Bluesfest MUST-READ!

5 Day tickets set to sell out this Friday, 28th of March!
3 Day Fri/Sat/Sun Tickets will be next!


YES, Bluesfest is turning 25 and the festivities are now only 22 days away!

The Festival site is buzzing with activity. There is a certain magic in the air which falls on to Byron Bay before and during the Festival. It’s almost spellbinding. 

Please take a minute and check out the YouTube messages our Bluesfest artists have left for us below. It's so wonderful to see that they are just as thrilled to perform for us, as we are to see them. Way to go!

Before you scroll down, may we ask a couple of questions first?

Have you bought your Bluesfest tickets and are all set?


If the answer is YES, thank you so much for coming to Bluesfest! You are fast approaching one of your best experiences in this lifetime!

Please skip the update about TICKETS but please do take a look at the chapter on the VIP Sunset Club a little further down.

Check out our latest Festival Full Site Map

If you have NOT bought your tickets yet...

If you are still ticketless but know you are coming (it’s going to be the Easter Weekend of a life time!) we urge you to read the next paragraph – you need to know that certain tickets are almost sold out or are just about to sell out.

Time is certainly galloping along and tickets are selling much faster leading up to the event.

Right now you can still enjoy Bluesfest for five, three or just one day, but these options will not be available for much longer!

Book tickets now!

Ticket Update for our last minute buyers:

5 Day tickets & Buddy Packages will be sold out this Friday 28th of March. Hurry! Last Chance!

3 Day Fri/Sat/Sun Tickets will be sold out shortly!

Ticket Type Status
5 Day Season: Last chance – Will sell out this Friday 28th of March
5 Day Buddy Package
(5 day Festival & Camping for 2 people)
Last chance – Will sell out this Friday 28th of March
Click HERE for other campgrounds in the area
3 Day Thu/Fri/Sat: Still available
3 Day Fri/Sat/Sun: Will be sold out shortly!
3 Day Sat/Sun/Mon: Still available
Thursday Single Day: Still available
Friday Single Day: Selling out
Saturday Single Day: Selling out
Sunday Single Day: Selling fast
Monday Single Day: Still available
Ticket Type Status

Thursday / Sunday & Monday camping:

Single night camping for Thu, Sun & Mon still available!!

Click HERE for other campgrounds in the area

The VIP Sunset Club


When you come to the Bluesfest site and you see this double storey building:

That’s our new VIP venue, with an extra VIP bar downstairs (in addition to the long standing VIP bar near the Crossroads Stage) and the exclusive Sunset Club upstairs.

Right now you can still purchase entry to the two VIP venues for Thursday, Sunday and Monday, but tickets are close to sell out. Click HERE for more info!

The Sunset Club offers a first class Bluesfest experience! Spoil yourself completely at Bluesfest! Click HERE if you would like to find more about the new, exclusive Sunset Club .

Sunset Club entries for Friday and Saturday for Bluesfest are almost taken up!

Click HERE for more info!

A little Pre-Bluesfest entertainment for you:

We love the personal YouTube messages our artists have left for all of us, sharing their excitement about coming to Bluesfest as well as touring in Australia! If you really can’t make it to Bluesfest, you may just be able to catch your favourite artist in a city near you. Check out all our artist touring dates on .

Joss Stone

Artist Image

Joss Stone's Message

Charlie Musselwhite

Artist Image

Charlie Musselwhite's Message

Chali 2na

Artist Image

Chali 2na's Message

Seun Kuti

Artist Image

Seun Kuti's Message

Terrance Simien

Artist Image

Terrance Simien's Message

Larry Graham

Artist Image

Larry Graham's Message


Artist Image

WAR's Message


Artist Image

Beth Hart's Message

Trixie Whitley

Artist Image

Trixie Whitley's Message

We can’t say this enough and please don’t get bored hearing it.

We are so happy to be celebrating this Bluesfest with you!

After all MUSIC is one of the beautiful things in life that brings people together.

Your friendly Bluesfest Team, who are always happy to take your call on:

(02) 6639 9800

Keep up to date with all things Bluesfest on our Facebook page

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