Only 6 weeks have passed since our last Festival and the big news is that tickets to our 25th Bluesfest Birthday have already over 40% sold out!
13 May 2013
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It's Time for a BLUESFEST Update!

Only 6 weeks have passed since our last Festival and the big news is that tickets to our 25th Bluesfest Birthday are over 40% sold out.

This has surpassed all our expectations, and thank you for putting the trust in us to deliver another dream artist line up for you. Rest assured: We will!

YES, our much loved Bluesfest will be turning a proud 25 years old next Easter; it certainly is a ‘very happy’ quarter of a century for the Festival.

Last year we broke our record by announcing the 1st round of Bluesfest artists as early as September and this year we are looking at an even sooner date.

So, we hope you are ready for all the amazing artist announcements to come in the upcoming months.

2014 Ticket sale update:

Yes, Bluesfest is over 40% sold out.


Due to the large amount of 5 day tickets already sold, everything is moving a lot faster and we will have to implement significant ticket price increases a lot sooner this year.

We are selling a lot of Buddy Packages, which includes 5 day Festival entry and 6 nights Camping at Bluesfest for 2 people at a discounted rate.

We are currently on sale with our Early Bird tickets and these will be selling out really soon.

5 DAY Adult Early Bird: $425 ONLY
5 DAY Child Early Bird (6-14 YEARS INCLUDED): $100 ONLY

3 day Festival Tickets

Yes, we are holding back an allocation of 3 day tickets (Thu/Fri/Sat or Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon) for Bluesfest 2014 and these tickets will go on sale in the upcoming weeks.

If you know which 3 days you wish to come to Bluesfest, please make sure you lock the tickets in once they go on sale.

We will let you know via email and through our website what date 3 day tickets will go on sale.

Single day Festival Tickets:

Single day tickets to Bluesfest will become available after our 1st artist announcement!

Camping Tickets:

5 day & 3 day camping will go on sale soon. Single day camping will be available after 1st artist announcement.

VIP Tickets:

Available soon!

        Time to pay:        



In its 3rd year, the ‘Time to pay’ Option is being welcomed once again by so many of you.

It enables you to pay off your tickets over 3 months and 4 easy payments.

This means you can lock your EARLY Bird tickets in now, and by the time you have paid your tickets off, prices will have increased or may have even sold out.

++Please note: A small fee for credit card & admin charges applies to time to pay.

        RocKwiz at Bluesfest        



Mark this day (night) in your calendar: 25th of May - 8.30pm - SBS Australia.

RocKwiz are back and the 25th of May is the night the new series returns with a SPECIAL filmed at Bluesfest. If you were at Bluesfest you may find yourself in the crowd, if you were not, get to experience how the Bluesfest Jambalaya Stage transformed into a fun and frivolous music quiz show. There are a stack of brilliant performances from Bluesfest artists. THIS IS A DONT MISS!

Message from your Festival Director:
The Tigers Nest (Paro Taktsang Monastery)

Hello you all,

Really, has it only been 6 weeks since Bluesfest?

What do Music Festival Directors do when they are not presenting Festivals - well judging from the amount of emails I received - most people thought I went immediately to Jazzfest in New Orleans after Bluesfest. Absolutely not true.

I decided to go just about as far as I could - away from Music Festivals.

I have just returned from a holiday, during which I had the immense honour of visiting the Kingdom of Bhutan - located in the Himalayas - just below Tibet.

Guide Tshering, his neighbour and Peter having a ball!

We travelled in cars on dirt roads - 1 kilometre or more up mountains - to go to areas where you can experience the wonderful culture of the people and their spiritual life.

We visited a number of monasteries including those going back to the 7th century - and I had the pleasure of addressing a number of students at the Malandra Buddhist college in the Bumthang region of Bhutan as well as spending time with the head of the monastery/college.

We had to trek in - on a pretty easy path a couple of kilometres up the Himalayas - in order to do get to the monastery as there are no roads and EVERYTHING must be carried in.

Sanjeev (The Driver), Peter Noble (The Tourist) and Tshering (The Tour Guide)

The students wanted to know what life is like in Australia - and I was able to address all the shaven head and robed students - about life in Australia, as well as being involved in music and other matters. It was such a thrill - and I intend to return to Bhutan to experience some of their absolutely amazing festivals which occur primarily from mid October to December and also in February.

My time there has been invaluable and has completely inspired me for the months ahead.

The rumours about Bhutan being hard to get to are simply not true. I booked the trip in a matter of days and I cannot begin to tell you how much I recommend anyone to go there.

Punakha Dzong

If you are interested in going or just wanting to check out a bit more about Bhutan, do check out this website below.

They can answer your every question - set up your tour - and deliver a seamless experience.

The head of Bhutan Mind Vacation Bhap Tshering Dorji - who was also our Tour Guide, is someone I now call a friend after the amazing time we just spent together - and if you want to experience real magic in travel - on the road truly less travelled - please do not hesitate to contact him, for an unforgettable experience.

I am now ready to dive into booking & confirming artists for our very special 25th anniversary Bluesfest 2014. 

I can't wait to open up the box of surprises I have in store for you. Stay tuned!

Your friendly Bluesfest Team, who are always happy to take your call on:

(02) 6639 9800

Keep up to date with all things Bluesfest on our Facebook page

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