The popular ‘Time to Pay’ option has returned!
4 July 2014
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Everyone loves good Bluesfest news!

'Time to Pay' option is now available & Bluesfest becomes the first Australian Music Festival to offer Ticket Insurance!

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It's back: The hugely popular ‘Time to Pay’ ticket purchase option is now available!

Pay off your tickets over the next 3 months and 4 easy payments! Making it easier on your wallet PLUS locking in your tickets at a discounted price.

How good is this? By the time you have paid off your tickets, the majority of Artists performing in 2015 will be announced and you will have avoided significant price increases. Plus Christmas will not be far away which means you will have your Christmas presents sorted! This is if you decide to make Bluesfest tickets your special Christmas gift….we really can’t think of anything better!

In addition Bluesfest will also be offering ticket insurance, available to new ticket buyers from Tuesday 8th of July! Scroll down for more info!

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Here is how ‘Time to Pay’ works:


Once you log in to your 'members area' on the Bluesfest website to buy tickets, the 'Time to Pay' option will come up after you have selected your tickets and ticket delivery.

You will get an exact breakdown of your monthly payments! A small administration fee will apply to your purchase.


Your first payment will come out on the day of purchase, then the second, third and fourth payment will happen in a 30 day sequence.

Please note that ‘Time to Pay’ is only available for a limited time.

Check out all ticket payment options, including the New Account to Account Transfer option here .

Ticket payment options

Bluesfest Ticket Insurance:


Bluesfest has taken a major step forward by giving you, our festival patron, the opportunity to insure your ticket when completing your purchase. This option is available to new ticket buyers and commences on Tuesday 8th of July!

The cost of the insurance is minimal but the ease of mind is priceless.

Ticket insurance covers you for any unforeseen circumstances and guarantees your money back.

For more info on ticket insurance click here .

Ticket Insurance FAQ

More groovy Bluesfest news:

This year we have more Artists on offer than ever before.


We are planning on favourites coming back; great new discoveries, legends, and artists you will be able to say you saw first at Bluesfest!

Rest assured: You will be hanging on the edge of your seat soon to find out who will be in the first artist announcement. Nothing like building the excitement, agree?

Right now, you can purchase your tickets at the Advantage price which is a great bargain, whilst we are stepping up the pace leading into the first artist announcement. There will be another price increase before the announcement!

Ticket Type Price Saving
5 Day Ticket $495 only Save at least $205 off full price
3 Day Ticket $345 only Save at least $170 off full price

To check out all the fantastic ticket specials and packages on offer click right here!

Ticket specials & packages

Last but not least:


We would like to leave you with the opening passage from Philip Bailey’s (Lead singer of Earth, Wind & Fire) new memoir Shining Star. What he is saying is simply amazing and captures the essence of a truly gifted musician.

"From my earliest moments there has always been music. It’s as if music had been hardwired into my very being. According to my mother, I was singing in key – and rhythmically – before I was talking. I’ve always heard music in my head and understand its rhyme schemes, melodic progressions and harmonic themes. Music makes perfect sense to me. It’s an omnipresent force.


I hear it in the wind; I hear it in the trees. I hear music in the washing machine, with its rhythmic cadences. It’s in the squeaking of a wheel that turns round and round. The rattle and hum of machinery creates layers of notes or chord patterns, dissonant but structured…."

Earth, Wind & Fire played Bluesfest in 2012!

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