Byron Bay Bluesfest

Don’t Miss our OPEN 3 DAY Ticket Sale!

21 May 2015

This is a Bluesfest first: SAVE NOW & CHOOSE YOUR 3 DAYS LATER!!

Hi [Name,fallback=Friend],

Yes it’s true; the cat is out of the bag and our members only promo code OPEN3DAY has been leaked online and is now public!


This is the first time EVER in the 27 year history of Bluesfest that the OPEN 3 day ticket has been available and it is obviously creating a stir!

Buy your OPEN 3 day ticket at a heavily discounted price NOW and leave the three days (Thu/Fri/Sat or Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon) OPEN up until 4 weeks before Bluesfest 2016! WOW!

Right now a 3 day ticket is only $290 p/p for 3 days! Check out all the prices & packages below! Last Bluesfest a 3 day ticket ended up costing $460 p/p This really is the deal of the year!

Since this offer is now public, we want to make sure you all have the right information about these super special tickets before they sell out!

3 things you need to know about this remarkable OPEN3DAY promo offer….


This Bluesfest first allows you to purchase 3 Day Tickets (there are a number of OPEN ticket options including CAMPING/VIP & CHILD tickets) for Bluesfest 2016 RIGHT NOW at a heavily discounted price without having to choose the 3 consecutive days (Thu/Fri/Sat or Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon) until later! Save anything between $170 and $680 right now (no kidding!)


This ticket is all about freedom, if you are one of those people who are undecided on what three days you want to go or usually wait until the artist announcements roll out (and ticket prices go up) this new ticket avoids those matters altogether! You have up to 4 weeks before the festival to choose which days you would like to attend- WINNING!!!


This offer is strictly limited and you will need to log-in to your members area and enter the promo code: OPEN3DAY to unlock this unique ticket offer and super special price! And yes, your friends can become a member and make the most of this offer too (it’s public now so you may as well share the love!) You can even forward this to them and they can become a member here .

Once this 3 day members sale is over and 3 day tickets officially go on sale, they will be at a much higher price & you will HAVE to select the exact day you are going.

Make sure you read further down for the price guide and the easy terms and conditions.

Buy OPEN3DAY tickets now!

Your OPEN 3 DAY Ticket & Savings Guide:

3 Day Festival Adult $290 Only $96 per day! Save at least $180 off full price 3 Day Festival Entry only
3 Day Festival Buddy Pack $870 Only $145 per day p/p for Festival and Camping Entry!! Save at least $400 off full price! Attend Bluesfest on the same 3 days together and save! 2 x 3 Day Adult Festival & Camping Tickets
3 Day Festival Child $65   3 Day Festival Child entry only (6 - 14 years incl)
3 Day Festival Four Pack $1,100 Only $91 per day p/p! Save at least $680 off full price! Attend Bluesfest on the same 3 days together and save! 4 x Festival Entry only Adult 3 Day Tickets
3 Day Festival VIP $150 Save at least $75 off full price! VIP Lounge Bar Entry -18+ Only. In addition to your festival and camping entry
3 Day Camping Adult $175 Save at least $50 off full price! In addition to your 3 Day Festival Ticket
3 Day Camping Child $65   6-14 years included, in addition to 3 Day Festival Ticket, must be with a responsible adult.



They are nice and easy!

  1. You will be sent an email 4 weeks before the event to be prompted to pick your 3 days - without reply your ticket will not be valid. Note that your choice of 3 days will be consecutive: Thu/Fri/Sat or Fri/Sat/Sun or Sat/Sun/Mon.
  2. OPEN 3 DAY VIP tickets and OPEN 3 DAY Camping tickets are only available in addition to your OPEN 3 DAY Festival Tickets and must match your 3 festival entry days of choice.
  3. Log on to your Bluesfest members area and enter promo code: OPEN3DAY to unveil these super hot tickets.
  4. Exclusive to Bluesfest members only - Maximum of 6 tickets per purchase only.

Buy OPEN3DAY tickets now!