November 25, 2020

Bluesfest Takes 5 with Jon Stevens

Jon Stevens has been ‘on the road’ for 40 years, but this lockdown allowed him to get in plenty more family time… and prepare to play Bluesfest for the very first time!

He’s been to Bluesfest as a spectator a few times and had a blast on each occasion… and he reckons this year will be no different.


Bluesfest Takes 5 with Jon Stevens

“I’m playing Sunday night which is sort of ‘classic rock night’ (*chuckles*) with Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, John Butler, The Waifs, and Weddings, Parties Anything…. but I’m also gonna come in early and stay on afterwards because there’s so many I want to catch. I cant wait to see live music happening again!”

So, what are the Top 5 artists you’re hanging out to see at Bluesfest 2021?

“Awww, mate, that’s not fair… only 5… there’s so many more I cant wait to see. Lot of artists I don’t know that I want to get out and see. I just want to see as many as I can and enjoy the atmosphere and the Bluesfest Experience.”



#1 Josh Teskey & Ash Grunwald

“Josh Teskey has an amazing voice – and Ash, who I haven’t seen in years, is a perfect complement to him. This is definitely going to be a highlight of my weekend.”

#2 Ocean Alley

“I’m still getting into these guys – but I’m loving everything I have heard so far. I wanna see them do it live.”

#3 Kasey Chambers

“Love Kasey….. and really … who doesn’t ?? It’s been a while, but Kasey is one of Australia’s finest musicians and singers and I always love to see her on stage.”

#4 John Butler

“John is so at home at Bluesfest, isn’t he? I’ve seen him a few times at Bluesfest. He just fits the Bluesfest stage like a glove. So powerful in his songs – and so talented.”

#5 Melbourne Ska Orchestra

“Mate – these guys are the craziest, talented bunch ever !. Unstoppable party music… and all led by their amazing bandleader, Nicky Bomba.”


“I just want to add though… I am going to be there for four days … and I want to get out and see as much live music as I possibly can …. Black Sorrows, Russell Morris, The Waifs… I can’t wait just to see music again. It’s gonna be a joy and it’s probably going to be more exciting for everyone next year because of what we’ve all been through this year. ”

Your first live gig was his appearance at the Melbourne Cup…surreal?

“I hadn’t seen my band since March 3rd – we hadn’t seen each other, we hadn’t played together, we didn’t even rehearse for this, we just got together, switched on – and played. We were just so in the moment of being together and playing music again after all those months. I didn’t even notice there wasn’t a crowd: we just played the song and enjoyed playing together again and feeling that magic of playing live. They are a great bunch of musicians, incredible players, great fun and we enjoy playing live and bringing that joy to each other – and to the crowds. We just wanna have a good time – and that’s what we are gonna be doing at Bluesfest.”

And your setlist at Bluesfest 2021?!

“We go back on the road in March with the Noiseworks/INXS Collection Tour that we started back in 2019 and that got cut off because of the pandemic, and that’s what I’ll be bringing to Bluesfest. It’s all the hits that you grew up with, the songs you know and love – or as many of them as I can cram into the time I’ve got… and we are just gonna have a great time.”