July 28, 2021

Catching up with Felix from The Cat Empire

This week Rusty caught up with THE CAT EMPIRE’s Felix Reibl and finds out the backstories behind the two new songs they just released and, of course, what surprises may be in store for their Bluesfest performance in October.

Felix Reibl also let us in on the secret to his onstage persona: his top 5 performers and songs that influenced him in a live sense and encouraged him to step into the spotlight and become a performer. Listen here and check out some clips of the artists Felix has been inspired by below!

Take 5 with Felix from The Cat Empire • songs or music that influenced his desire to perform

1. Joe Strummer from The Clash, performing “Bank Robber”

2. Manu Chao performing “Clandestino” Live

3. Bruce Springsteen Rosalita performing “Come Out Tonight” Live in 1978, Phoenix

4. Nina Simone performing “Sinner Man”

5. Camaron de la Isla performing “Volando Voy”