September 3, 2019

Get to Know Walter Trout

“I feel like I’m in the best years of my life right now. I feel better than I have in years physically. I have more energy. I have a whole different appreciation of being alive, of the world, of my family, of my career. I want life and music to be exciting and celebratory. I want to dig in. I want to grab life by the balls and not let go, y’know?” – Walter Trout

What better way to get to know Blues legend Walter Trout than from Bluesfesters themselves…

“Watching Walter Trout who was immediately followed by Eric Gales in same tent, was a Blues masterclass.
Unforgettable moment of Bluesfest memories.” – Warren

“KWS and Joe Bonamassa said without Walt Blues would be dead!” – Murray

 “He’s a living legend.” – Jimi

“Could not agree more with you Mr Trout!! Thank you for your music we have seen you two times in the past few and your energy is contagious. Blues on with the rest of your band mates.” – Joe

“He has a amazing story and a amazing life! 100% pure inspiration.” – Daryll

“It was fabulous seeing Walter Trout in 2018. So vastly under-rated, but just a killer guitar player. SO glad he’s making it back in 2020.” – Andrew

“We all love you so much Walter… you’re an amazing performer with a story to tell, and we want to listen!” – John

“Your energy seems boundless. Keep living, loving and playing! Long live Walter Trout!” – Kim

“One of the best.” – Stephen

“Walter you’ve been truly Blessed with a second chance at life and you’re living and Giving back so much. Peace and Love to you and yours always my Brother.” – Bruce

“With you brother go get it and share life with the people that appreciate you and your craft. Kick it brother.” – James

“Walter is without doubt up there as one of the worlds most exiting and enjoyable guitarists, I will be there for sure.” – Nigel

“He was excellent last time around. Will be penning him for next year for sure.” – Chris

“Always a set worth seeing.” – Sandi

“Went to his gig at Bluesfest last year and was absolutely blown away by the amount of soul in his performance along with is son not to mention raw talent at its finest.” – Kyle

 “My hero!!!” – Boyko

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