COVID-19 Safety Info

Our main priority has always been to bring our beloved patrons the Bluesfest experience safely.

One thing is for certain… and that is we really all will be in this together
for the return of Live Music at Bluesfest 2021.

Since its approval for our April festival, our COVID-19 Safety Plan will be further developed for our October 2021 event, with advice from the NSW Department of Health. Furthermore, Bluesfest will continue to work with a risk assessment company to help implement the safety and risk management plan and to assist with the realisation of our compliances.

In a COVID-19 world, what does that mean for you Bluesfesters? For the most part, it is the “new normal” and consists of requirements we’re all used to. 

Stay up to date via our website, newsletters and socials because the situation is constantly changing… For now, here are a few things to expect at Bluesfest 2021.


Due to requirements for enough space across the festival site for us all to roam freely with social distancing, Bluesfest 2021 will consist of 3 main stages. For familiar Bluesfesters, as in previous years, we will have our big tent tops over MOJO and JAMBALAYA. CROSSROADS will be a large open-air stage.


Patrons will be required to self-regulate, sanitise at available stations regularly and check-in daily using available QR codes at gates upon entry and zones once allocated.


As part of our approved COVID-19 Safety Plan, all patrons will be allocated into one of two zones upon entry to the festival.

Zoning applies to seating at stages and adjacent bars and toilets. Areas that are not zoned are stalls, in-between stages and campgrounds – main camping purchaser details will be recorded. Although camping areas are not zoned, when entering the main festival grounds campers will need to comply with the zoned areas they are assigned to within these areas (seating at stages and adjacent bars and toilets). Patrons can move freely within the allocated zone and in-between stages.

Zoning wristbands are given out on the spot. If you want to be in the same zone as your family and friends, you need to arrive together to ensure you are given the same zoning wristbands.


At all three stages, Bluesfest will provide plenty of seating to allow for social distancing. Family or households can sit together with a seat next to them marked ‘unavailable’ to allow for social distancing. This will be managed by our COVID-19 marshals.


In order to minimise contact as much as possible, we will be cashless at all Bluesfest managed outlets.

This does not refer to independently run stalls. We will still provide ATMs onsite for these outlets.   


Are optional – but do expect to see masks being worn by some members of staff, including; COVID-19 Marshals, Volunteers, Waste Management, Entry Gates & Box Office staff.


Will be present throughout the festival site to keep you safe and to implement COVID-19 Safety measures.


 Heightened hygiene and cleaning facilities throughout the festival especially in community utilised areas like toilets and water stations.


Patrons will be required to self-regulate, sanitise at available stations regularly and check-in daily.


Just like all the other “new norms” social distancing will be required to minimise risks. There will be free-flowing movement between stages.

Keep an eye out on socials, subscribe to our newsletter and visit this website page regularly for updates! 

For more information visit Live Performance Australia:
Ticketing Code of Practice (Industry Code) – Part E