November 7, 2019

Catching Up With The War and Treaty

This week we caught up with our two favourite love birds, Tanya and Michael Trotter from The War and Treaty. The pair is a fabulous duo that embodies soul, funk, acoustic strings and more; All layered together with two sets of transcendent vocals. 

You’re returning to Bluesfest in 2020. What makes the land down under special for you? Any good stories for us?

Michael: Everything about “The land down under” is attractive. It’s a whole different atmosphere. It’s like the entire country is in unison with peace and harmony. We love it.   

What are your top five tracks at the moment?  

Tanya: My top tracks at the moment are  

  • Kacey Musgraves- Rainbow 
  • Jacob Banks- Anything by him 
  • Aretha Franklin- Say A Little Prayer For You 


  • Donnie Hathaway- Yesterday 
  • Ray Charles- Georgia 

 What’s the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?  

MichaelActually it wasn’t a gig at at all. A fan recently wrote us and asked us to visit her father while we were in town. I didn’t know her personally and neither did Tanya however something in that request quickened us both to respond with a yes.  

Tanya: We went, we sang, he sang with us and then two days later he died in peace. That’s how much our fans mean to us.  

Is there any artist on the Bluesfest lineup so far that you’re most looking forward to seeing?

Lineup can be found  here!

Tanya: I am most excited about seeing Lenny Kravitz 

Michael: I am mostly excited about Tanya being excited to see Lenny Kravitz 

Tanya: Ooh Kinky (She winks) 

Michael: NOPE never mind that last answer (Michael laughs) I’m not yet that secure in my manhood 

What do you do on a day off?  

Tanya: We really don’t have a day off but the routine is simple. I cook and clean and (Michael interrupts)  

Michael: and stay busy. While I sit and watch movies and become a lazy bum who doesn’t move lest to eat or do a #1 or #2 

Tanya: TMI Michael (Tanya looks in disgust while Michael laughs) 

Any new music we should be keeping an ear out for in the coming weeks and months? Or are there any surprises in store for the Australian shows?  

Michael: We have a new album coming out soon but we will be bringing a big show to the land down under and we are extremely excited for y’all to see it. Let them know that The War and Treaty are coming. 



 … and oh we will. The War and Treaty will be performing Saturday, Sunday and Monday this Easter at Byron Bay Bluesfest, along with some sideshows on the way.  Let’s just say, we can’t wait!

Bluesfest tickets are available here.
Sydney sideshow tickets available here.
Newcastle sideshow tickets available here.