June 5, 2019

2020 Bluesfest Brain Buster Winners Announced…

The year is well and truly rolling along now… can you believe it’s already June! As we move into winter, planning for Bluesfest 2020 is well and truly underway.

With that being said, another year of our annual Bluesfest Brain Buster has now come and gone. We had an overwhelming response of entries with only 2% of attempts getting all 10 answers correct. Safe to say some brains were busted. Congratulations to Penny G., Scott J., Joanne B., Steph K., Alison R., Leon A., Jimmy D., Peter S., Matt H., Anthia G., Alice M., Liz N., Karyn S., Tijn A., Lisa B., Lauren P., Rachael S., and Julia R., for keeping your brains intact and being apart of that 2% and getting entered into the draw for our epic prizes! Check out the correct answers they submitted below:

Question 1: Who joined Ben Harper in a Duet at this year’s Bluesfest?
Answer: Kasey Chambers

Question 2: Who celebrated their 72nd Birthday with Bluesfest this year?
Answer: Iggy Pop

Question 3: What year was Bluesfest first held at the Tyagarah site?
Answer: 2010

Question 4: How many times has Jack Johnson played Bluesfest?
Answer: 7

Question 5: Which of our charity partners raffled off Fender guitars at this year’s festival?
Answer: Cystic Fibrosis

Question 6: Which of these knighted artists has played at Bluesfest in a previous year?
Answer: Tom Jones

Question 7: What do the flags atop the Bluesfest stage tents represent?
Answer: Home countries of all our artists

Question 8: What was the inaugural year of Boomerang Festival?
Answer: 2013

Question 9: How many artists played sideshows with Bluesfest Touring this year?
Answer: 22

Question 10: Which of these is NOT a Bluesfest stage?
Answer: Voodoo

Winners of our first and second place prizes have been randomly selected from the pool of 18 above and have been contacted directly about their winnings. Thank you to everyone for participating in this year’s quiz and keep an eye out for contests in the future!