Festival Director Peter Noble OAM
declares Bluesfest 2021 is on!

“We will find a way to continue and present in 2021. I am a veteran; having been in this incredible industry since the 60s I have never experienced such a dire situation. As a premier event we need to present another Bluesfest not only for ourselves but also for the entire entertainment industry to see that there will be a brighter day and that as an industry we will come back from this.

We are humbled by the incredible response we have received and by the outpouring of love from our ticketholders, music industry and our local community.

We are in discussions with all the agents representing the artists who were due to play this Easter on what has been our greatest bill ever. Whilst we currently don’t know ‘who’ all our headliners will be in 2021 we have received feedback from over 30 artists on this years bill confirming they are ready to reschedule for 2021. Their level of support and goodwill is inspiring and I foresee a great event to come.

2021 will be the year for everyone that cares about the arts, music and the entire entertainment industry that we all love, to come out and show their support for everyone. We call on our industry, the musicians, the agents and the managers to get in touch with us and help us show the solidarity of strength that we have as a combined force. We are all in this together and together we will go on and get through these troubled times.

Time is a healer and one day this will be behind us.

Ticket update

It is with great delight and appreciation for your patience and support that Bluesfest is finally in a position to provide 2020 ticket holders with a time frame regarding our Festival announcement for our 32nd Bluesfest, on Easter weekend April 1-5, 2021 and refunds for the cancelled 2020 event.

In the week commencing 15th June ticket holders will be contacted directly with information on your options for 2021, as well as the refund process.

Bluesfest will provide refunds to those who select that option, and the process for this will be outlined at that time.

At this time we will offer existing ticket holders an exclusive pre-sale offer to purchase Early Bird tickets for Bluesfest 2021 before they go on-sale to the general public on June 22nd.

Usually, Early Bird tickets are offered without the knowledge of an Artist line up. This year you have the knowledge that the 2021 line up is shaping up to be a pearler and this is your chance to secure those tickets at the lowest possible price, before we announce around 50 artists on June 22. You can choose to buy at the Early Bird rate, or wait until we announce.

Refunds will remain available for those who wish to wait to hear the line up.

Due to the overwhelming amount of support from ticket holders wishing to confirm their commitment for 2021, Bluesfest will go on sale with 1-Day tickets and 3-Day tickets as soon as we make our first Artist announcement. This ticketing offer will include all the ‘add-ons’ such as VIP, camping and parking so you can plan for next Easter.

This particular Artist announcement will be the earliest on record for Bluesfest. The aim is to provide you with a forecast so you can envision how amazing Bluesfest 2021 will be. A celebration of world-class music and a reunion of live entertainment lovers all combined in one big 5-Day long party, Easter Long weekend April 1 – 5, 2021.

We look forward to celebrating with you again!

Music is a healer

Our Bluesfest 2020 Artists have been fantastic and supportive, with many of them already signalling they are keen to perform at Bluesfest 2021.

We want to give a respectful nostalgic nod to our beloved artists all over the world that make Bluesfest the top-notch festival it is with a playlist featuring their music for you to enjoy.

You can help musicians stay alive during these troubled times simply by streaming or purchasing their music.
We have updated the Bluesfest 2020 Spotify playlist.