April 14, 2021

Bluesfest 2021 cancellation & load-out in numbers

While the last of the festival load out occurs, the impact of the cancellation continues to hit home. Here is some of that impact in numbers.


2,500 workers, 140+ trucks and flatbeds, 80+ semi-trailers, 72 lighting towers, 42 generators…


19,500 chairs were trucked in and laid out… then re-packed and trucked out.


500 lanterns & 10km of wiring… all strung by hand. They were stringing the very last lantern when told Bluesfest had been closed down.


With already 500+ campers checked in and on-site, as well as over 2000+ team workers… our waste management was already in full swing! Our team sift through every piece – sorting between food, recycling and landfill. We are proud of the legends that are in our waste team… and the amazing job they do sorting through every bin.

So, next time you see a choice of bins… help the hidden legends out – choose the right bin and make their job so much easier.


79 stallholders were loaded in and ready to serve 5 days worth of festival-goers! Be sure to follow, like and share all our amazing Bluesfest 2021 stallholders’ pages 👉  www.bluesfest.com.au/stalls-vendors


Our back of house caterers were armed and ready (over $30K worth of food prepped)… feeding the hundreds of site workers each day (with about 4000+ meals already served). But, despite the cancellation and their early kitchen close-down, no food went to waste. Food was still prepared for our site workers over the weekend while the site was loaded out… and ALL the excess food was donated to charities.


200+ media personnel, including 40+ photographers from around the country,  representing over 100 different local or national media outlets, radio stations, newspapers or TV programs, were ready to capture the action, talk to the Bluesfest artists and enjoy the five days of the festival.