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Take Five with Beth Hart. Discover The Soundtrack To Her Life!

13 January 2017

What is the one song that reminds you of growing up and why?

 2 songs – first is ‘Moonlight Sontata’ – was the song that freaked me out and made me gravitate towards the piano in the first place. The second song is Carol King’s ‘ You’ve Got A Friend’ – that was the very first song I ever sang when I was 5.

What is the song/s that get you on the dance floor everytime?

Nothing gets me on the dance floor ( ha ha). Scott ( my husband) and I have a song, - if we wanted be romantic and be close, we put on 'Danke Schoen'. 

What is the song/s that’s always busted out when no one is around - why?

So it’s not a song, but a CD I got when I was in Milan with Scott walking around the streets. So there were these street musicians, and they were playing this Native American music, so I brought the CD, and to this day, I play it – it’s called ‘Indians’ and it is amazing. In fact I just listen to it today – I light candles, intense and put it on in my private piano room. And I chill out.

What is the song/s on high rotation in your car at the moment?

2 stations I love – one is on the AM and it plays a lot of music from the 30’s and 40’s, kinda jazz and pop, what was happening then, and that America songbook stuff and also the classical station. But it depends. Sometimes I like to put on Motorhead or something crazy, that I can just rock out too.

What was your wedding song ( or what would it be) ?

We took off to Vegas and got married at a little chapel. They played some country song as I walked down the aisle. So after I called my parents, and anyway they said they got married at the same place and we didn’t even know that – isn’t that crazy?

But what would the wedding song be….i like the song ‘ You Are My Sunshine’

Your favourite song/s to cover at the moment?

I love ‘ I’d Rather Go Blind’ because people like it. Beautiful melody and great groove. Or 'Close To My Fire'.

If you could sing a duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be and what would be the song?

I love this question! I want to so much work with Tom Waits. Even if he wants me to just get his coffee when he’s in the studio working, I just want to be able to observe the genius Tom Waits. Love the album ‘Mule Variations’.

And also Leonard Cohen. Anything. I love ‘Popular Problems’ – so anything off that.

Your all time Blues hero is….why?

Really hard to chose one, but if I had to it would be Big Joe Turner. Because that’s who I was listening to before everyone else. It’s just so BAD ASS!



Beth Hart performs exclusively to Bluesfest in 2017. That’s right, we have her all to ourselves. What a treat. See Beth Hart on Saturday 15th April and Easter Monday 17th April in 2017! 


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