Byron Bay Bluesfest

Take 5 with Laura Mvula. Discover The Soundtrack To Her Life

3 October 2016

Laura Mvula takes 5 minutes to share with us some of the songs and artists that have shaped and inspired her life and career!

What is the one song that reminds you of growing up and why?

Michael Jackson ‘Wanna Be Startin' Something’. We were big MJ fans in our household - we used to watch videos of his live shows on repeat and marvel at the artistry.

What is the song or artists that’s always busted out when no one is around - why?

There's nothing that I won't listen to with others around really. If I have people over and I'm choosing the music I'll generally play a selection of old school classics that I love including Eternal, Earth Wind & Fire, James Brown- I've had the same playlist for about 15 years so my band are always telling me I need to update it.

What song gives you goosebumps everytime you hear it?

'Stay Awake' from Mary Poppins - it's just the most beautiful lullaby and it never fails to move me.

What is the song/s on high rotation in your car at the moment?

I don't drive but when I'm in cars on the way to shows or events I often listen to my album. I'm just really proud of it and genuinely love listening to it.

Your favourite song/s to cover at the moment?

I've got a few different covers on rotation at the moment but I just added 'Be My Husband' by Nina Simone to my live set - it's an incredible song to perform and I love to honour Nina.

If you could sing a duet with anyone dead or alive who would it be and what would be the song?

Prince! I supported him a couple of times and I heard that he covered Green Garden a couple of times at his shows but I never had the opportunity to perform with him.


Your all time Blues hero is….why?

Miles Davis - because he's Miles Davis!

Catch Laura Mvula at Bluesfest 2017 on Easter Sunday and Monday 17th April and touring to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Jump over here for all the details. 

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