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9 Things We Learnt From Peter Noble Travelling Europe Booking Bluesfest 2017

11 July 2016

“Bluesfest 2017 is shaping up to be a very special year. All I can say is that it’s coming together brilliantly. Whilst I don’t always get the artists I approach to play, this coming year, so far, is looking like one for the books. We are now in the process of finalising negotiations with some of the worlds most famous artists”
—Peter Noble.


Well, we have heard it from the man himself. Peter has been working his way around Europe, let’s find out if there are any insights or clues about what’s ahead for Bluesfest 2017!


#1 — First Stop... London!

Peter did the rounds with UK agents and managers and assures us that “We have been offered so many great artists to play Bluesfest 2017. It does look like Bluesfest is going to a whole new level (yes, I've said this before) and it is so exciting to be putting next year's bill together”. Doesn’t seem like there are any clues there – but I wonder who might be emerging from the UK music scene that would be a good fit for Bluesfest? Any ideas? Peter also mentioned in a recent eCard that, “He hasn’t forgotten the legends”.

#2 — Could St Paul & The Broken Bones be returning?

Peter caught up with the lads from St Paul and the Broken Bones at their sold out show St Koko in Camden. And apparently, they are sounding even better than they did at Bluesfest (if that is possible).

We are on a mission to bring them back to Bluesfest and have started a Facebook campaign, needing 1000 people to say they want them to return – and they will! We’ve had an enormous response so far but can you help us get them over the line?

Be sure to leave a comment on the Facebook post and help us bring them back for 2017!

#3 — Vintage Trouble just don’t rest

Peter was fortunate enough to catch Vintage Trouble at The Forum in Kentish Town, and of course, “they bought the house down”. The lads have openly said they can’t wait to come back and play at Bluesfest, and judging from the comments from festival goers, they’ll be welcomed back with open arms.

“Simply one of the best acts you will ever experience” – Dean Parsons

“For the love of grapes, bring them back!!” -  Sasha Zunic

“Bring them back as they were best act at your festival this year” - Christian Belucky

#4 — Glastonbury ain’t for the faint hearted!

According to Peter, there are a number of artists who want to play Bluesfest who performed across the Glastonbury stages in 2016 (HINT HINT).

“From my perspective, I have never been to a festival as enormous in terms of the attendance, except for a day at Jazzfest, when Dave Matthews Band played, I believe it was 1997, and 150,000 people showed up. They say 175,000 people attend the Glastonbury festival.

It is truly a behemoth. I did learn this, that the English are a stoic lot. Glastonbury is NOT for the faint hearted. You have to put up with a lot there on a muddy site”.

Check out a recent blog post here about the conditions at Glastonbury 2016.

#5 — Billy Bragg IS considering Bluesfest 2017

Peter Noble was able to hang out with Billy Bragg at Braggs World (backstage of the Left Field Stage). Billy and his wife curated the Left Field stage (find out more about this here).

"It was nice to spend time with Billy, who said that hopefully next year will be the first time he finally appears at Bluesfest”.

We sure have been waiting for Billy Bragg to accept his invitation to Bluesfest – will 2017 be the year? We will just have to wait and see.

#6 — Seville... home of Flamenco

After finishing the UK leg of the trip, Peter flew to Seville in Spain for a week - the home of Flamenco, one of his all time favourite cultural music, singing and dance art forms. He went along to little clubs in the Barrio, and also attended organised shows for tourists. 

“Flamenco is the art of the dispossessed, the downtrodden - the Blues of the Southern Spanish Andalusians, if you will. I am convinced Flamenco will work at Bluesfest. I have presented the Gipsy Kings twice now at Bluesfest to enthralled audiences. Stay tuned folks”

Could this mean a return of the Gipsy Kings? Or perhaps a Flamenco discovery? Either way, a slice of Spanish/Latin/Flamenco live will have Bluesfest audiences roaring and on their feet – we have seen it before!

#7 — Marrakesh, Morocco

Could Bluesfest 2017 have a strong World Music influence in 2017?

“I am here to listen to and study Gnawa music - the Blues music of Morocco, and it's most popular music style. It is the Ancient Islamic Music of the region, and has spread to Europe” – Peter Noble in Marrakesh.

#8 — The African Mosaica Benefit Concert

Desktop: Just click & drag to move around shot.
Mobile: Open in YouTube app and tilt screen.

Peter had another reason for his trip to Marrakesh. He was scouting out sites for a proposed concert (The Mosaica Benefit Concert), coming in November 2016 to Marrakesh and coinciding with the COP22 . Peter is working on the project with his good friend Jasslyn Hall, formerly of the triple j networks World Music programme, and former head of World Music Programming at Sydney Opera House.

What is the African Mosaica? Well it’s essentially a musical safari, supporting the Great Green Wall Initiative, 11 Countries with 1 Common Challenge - tackling Climate Change! The aim is to grow an 8,000km line of plants and trees across the breadth of the entire African continent to provide food, jobs and a future for the millions of people who live in a region on the frontline of the impacts of climate change.

Please take a moment to find out more about this initiative and read more about it here.

#9 — Milan, Italy... Playing For Change

Peter flew to Milan to meet with friend Maurie Stang, from Playing For Change about future bookings. We sure do like the sound of that.

Share with us below your Bluesfest 2017 predictions!

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