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9 EPIC Michael Franti and Spearhead Memories from Bluesfest!

21 June 2016

Bluesfest Artist Alumni Spotlight - Michael Franti and Spearhead

Michael Franti – a name almost synonymous with Bluesfest and Roots music.  One of the greatest live performers on the planet, a seasoned campaigner,  super nice bloke, music fan and lover of  Byron Bay, Michael Franti's trajectory at Bluesfest dates back to 1998, performing with his band Spearhead at Red Devil Park . With 9 Bluesfest performances under his belt, spanning over 18 years (1998 – 2016), Franti calls Bluesfest Byron Bay 'one of his favourite places in the world'. 

 Check out the interview he did for the 25th Anniversary birthday celebrations at Bluesfest 2014! 

“ The man is a natural phenomenon,” said one patron from the Bluesfest forum. 

We can't argue with that statement.  He’s a naturally gifted and inspiring musician, bringing the party vibes to each and every year he performs at Bluesfest.  No wonder he’s one of the many artists that are requested back year after year.  If you’ve ever been in the crowd at one of his sets, it’s truly a highly entertaining and fun, next level experience wouldn't you agree?

We’ve had marriage proposals,  numerous onstage cameos, onstage crowd parties, onstage selfies, heartbreaking fan moments,  his own birthday celebration, crowd sing-alongs,  cover songs, dance parties, a yoga festival ‘ Soulshine’, his trademark walk-through the crowd during a performance moment, fans photos, artists signings, Rockwiz and random jams through the festival site – is there anything Michael Franti hasn’t done at Bluesfest ? 

Let’s take a look back at 9 EPIC Michael Franti and Spearhead memories from Bluesfest! 

1.    Soulshine Yoga Festival - 2015 

Labelled ‘music and yoga for all', Michael Franti's Soulshine Festival was combining two of his passions ( music & yoga) with friends and fans at Bluesfest 2015 (and in Sydney) as well as throughout the world. 

2.    Crowd Selfies

 What’s a Michael Franti concert with a crowd selfie eh? 

3.    Inspiring onstage fan moment - 2014

Not a dry eye in the house in 2014 when Michael Franti invited a fan onstage.

“ He visited her in hospital years ago after she had a stroke and nobody gave her hope of recovery. Her mum guided her slowly to where she is today and Michael has been keeping in touch and dedicated 11.59 to her on stage. A beautiful, genuine and heartfelt moment that had everyone tearing up” Peter Hargraves (Bluesfest patron)

What a top bloke! 

4.    Rockwiz 2014

Michael Franti joined the Rockwiz 25th Anniversary extravaganza jumping up onstage for the finale of Rockwiz with Linda Bull, Vika Bull, Henry Wagons, Adalita, Robert Susz plus his own performance of ‘I’m Alive”. 

Check out Rockwiz LIVE at Bluesfest 2014 here:  

5.    In The Crowd

No one gets the crowd jumping like Franti does, especially when he's in it. The trademark crowd jam - a Franti special at Bluesfest! 

6.    Crowd sing-a-longs

Known to interact with the crowd, another Franti trademark is crowd sing-alongs.

“ This year ( 2014) he was on fire - and again, I say he is possibly the Best festival artist on the planet - he ignites an audience, and leaves it in a joyful, uplifted almost transcendental state” Peter Noble on Michael Franti.

7.    Birthday celebrations

Michael celebrated his birthday at Bluesfest 2015 and his people organised a little surprise from the crowd! Was he delighted? Overjoyed! And of course had to capture it with a crowd selfie. 


8.    Onstage collaborations

Michael Franti and Spearhead are known for their onstage cameo’s either during their sets or jumping up onstage with fellow musicians during their sets. 

9.    Onstage parties

If you’ve been lucky enough to be onstage with Michael Franti, you’ll know it’s a once in a lifetime moment. He's all about the fans. Another Franti special at Bluesfest. 

Share with us your most memorable Michael Franti experiences from Bluesfest. 



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