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10 Things We Learnt from Peter Noble’s USA Trip Booking Bluesfest 2017

8 June 2016

“It is truly shaping up to be a great bill for 2017.There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing international artists who want to come. The hardest job is always picking who does get to come and who doesn't” – Peter Noble.

1. Peter Noble clocked up a few frequent flyers miles in the last month travelling the USA booking Bluesfest 2017.

17 days, 24 meetings with agents across 4 states and 7 cities including Los Angeles (California), Dallas and Austin (Texas), Nashville (Tennessee), Chicago (Illinois), San Francisco and Monterey (California) and visiting family in Portland (Oregon).

2. Peter Noble used to live in Portland Oregon, and has family there.

Peter lived in Portland Oregon once upon a time, and still has family there. He returned between meetings to see his daughter, his grandkids and to meet for the first time his new grandson Mateo who is only 6 weeks old, as well as his great grandson James, who is 4 months old.

3. The movers and shakers of the USA music and entertainment industry are now not only taking meetings with Peter, but taking him out to lunch!

Some of the most important agents in the music industry, only a few years ago, wouldn’t confirm whether they’d meet with Peter, until almost the day before. This time, Peter was taken to lunch by those same music industry influencers including the head of the William Morris Agency. The APA agency in Los Angeles had a spread of lunch laid out, with eight agents in attendance. Way to go!

4. Remember the Icelandic Rock lads Kaleo from Bluesfest 2016? Peter dropped in on their USA tour!

Between meetings Peter was able to hang out and catch some of the ‘sold out’ Kaleo shows including the show in Portland Oregon at the Revolution Hall.

He even flew from Portland to Dallas to see Kaleo’s sell out House Of Blues gig.

Their new album A/B is out real soon – be sure to check it out.

5. Know of Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits festivals? Peter met with the lovely folks who book and operate these festivals.

Peter drove to Austin Texas (from Dallas) in about 4 hours, for one meeting, with the people from C3 Management, the people who put on the incredible Austin City Limits Festival, and Lollapalooza, as well as manage some amazing artists – watch this space!

6. Need a rental car option whilst travelling the states?

Peter rented his vehicle in Texas through Alamo Car Rentals, and they upgraded him (for free) to a brand new Chrysler. Styling. They were great on other rentals throughout the trip, and their rental prices are extremely competitive - check them out if you are going to the US for a super deal.

7. Nashville – not just a pretty country music face! Little Richard's rumoured home town and where to go for a sensational steak.


Peter’s usual hotel was booked out, so he stayed at the Hilton for the first time. It is rumoured strongly that The Legendary Little Richard lives permanently in the penthouse suite there……

Nashville, according to Peter “ is such a great place, it never fails to impress”.

His meetings there with managers and agents has produced so many terrific artists on offer for Bluesfest . And don't think this is where you go only for country music, “ there is so much else going on too, in every part of the music industry”.

If you want to get a steak in Nashville, Peter suggests.. “you got to go to Palms. And if a lovely middle aged lady seats you, listen closely to the accent - she's an Aussie! She moved to Nashville over twenty years ago to be with her country-music-singing-daughter, who was invited there by Johnny Cash, and who stayed……True story”.

8. Chicago Blues – some great Blues artists are coming to Bluesfest 2017!

After 2 days in Nashville, Peter flew to Chicago to meet with Michael Morris (left) and Ron Kaplan (right) at Monterey International - The great Blues, Jazz and Roots Music Agency (and he also met with the same agency in Monterey). These are the guys who book Buddy Guy, George Thorogood, Mavis Staples, Experience Hendrix, Jonny Lang, Robert Randolph Family Band, Jimmie Vaughan, Lukas Nelson + so many more...

“ Yes folks, we are going to have some great Blues artists at Bluesfest next year” – Peter Noble.

9. San Francisco – catching up with old and new friends and who might return to Bluesfest!

After spending the Memorial Day weekend with his family, Peter flew to San Francisco and had lunch with Catherine Enny (Michael Franti's manager for so many years) also her life partner John O'Malley (who manages Playing For Change) as well as Con Brio (who blitzed Bluesfest this year).

He drove to Sausalito to see Frank Riley, who supplied Bluesfest with so many great artists this year through his company High Road Touring, including Nathaniel Rateliff, St Paul & the Broken Bones, Songhoy Blues and Tweedy !!!

And you can bet, Peter is already discussing when they will return.

10. Last stop. Monterey, California.

Peter’s last meeting was in Monterey with Maria Matias, who books Gregory Porter. They met at the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Gregory has the number 1 album on the Billboard chart this week, and is about to play at the Glastonbury festival in a few weeks on the main stage, the Pyramid Stage. Could Gregory be on his way? Yes confirmed today, Gregory Porter is coming to Australia, check out all the details here.

He also met with legendary agent Paul Goldman from Monterey International. Paul, originally from Chicago, was sneaking into Blues clubs on the south side whilst still a teenager. He has booked just about everybody in the Blues and has been doing business with Peter Noble for 35 years. Paul and Peter have booked scores of Blues artists into Australia and New Zealand over that time.

Today's LIVE Facebook chat revealed some hints and some of the artists Peter is considering for Bluesfest 2017 - check out the feed here

Where to next? Stay tuned – Peter Noble travels Europe booking Bluesfest 2017.


10 Things We Learnt from Peter Noble’s USA Trip Booking Bluesfest 2017 17 days, 24 meetings with agents across 4 states and 7 cities including Los Angeles (California), Dallas and Austin (Texas), Nashville (Tennessee), Chicago (Illinois), San Francisco and Monterey (California) and visiting family in Portland (Oregon).

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