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The Buckleys

Signing with CM Murphy’s Petrol Records in 2019, The Buckleys earned the prestige of being the only other band on the label with INXS. Under CM’s wise tutelage, the band released four consecutive top five singles which are included on their debut album, DAYDREAM. The first, "Daydream,” catapulted the trio into the limelight, scoring a #1 single at Australian country radio, followed by the second single, “I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love),” which reached #3. “Money” which was the band’s third single (and first worldwide release) reached #2. The Buckleys’ fourth single, “Breathe,” reached #3. Daydream is being relaunched as a Deluxe Edition in 2021. The Deluxe album will feature “Money” re- mixed by Charlie Holmes, who works with ‘Spike’ Stent at his UK Studio and who currently has the #1 record at US Alt Radio with Peach Tree Rascals.